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Democrats should be leery of those seeking to jump upward from FDP Chair

Allison Tant was the first Florida Democratic Party Chair since Charlie Whitehead that didn’t harbor any ambition of running for higher office. In that sense Tant, love her or dislike her was a unique figure fully committed to the party. But often through the years candidates for FDP Chair have seen it as a stepping […]

Alan Clendenin and being FDP First Vice Chair – beware of “dream teams”

The Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Chairwoman/Chairman election is set for Saturday January 14. As we get closer to the day of reckoning the number of rumors that involve “dream teams.” In a fragmented five-way race,  candidates are seeking a way to garner additional ways to find votes to make a second ballot or become chair. […]

Interview with Alan Clendenin

Florida Democratic Party First Vice Chair Alan Clendenin who is running again for FDP Chair took some time out of his crisscrossing of the state to speak with Kartik Krishnaiyer earlier today. Clendenin gives a candid interview about his plans if he is elected FDP Chair. In the interview, Clendenin describes why he is running again for […]

The Phlip Side (FDP Chair Edition): Just Win Baby!

I have always been a big believer in setting people up for success.  Putting people in positions where they can excel so that everyone benefits.  I understand that people have ambitions and dreams that may not be realistic, and there is nothing wrong with that, but problems arise when people put a lot of effort […]

Poll: FDP Chair race

We are less than ten days away from the Florida Democratic Party Chair’s election which will be held January 14 in the Orlando area. So we are throwing up another poll. Who is your choice for FDP Chair as of now? However, this time if you are none of the above leave a reason why […]

Chasing FDP reform in 2017 part 2: The State Committee

The Florida Democratic Party’s State Executive Committee has been the subject of much conversation through the years. The committee has fallen into a rut where many members have used positions to create a private fiefdom or personal power. This is especially true of representatives from urban counties. Let’s table rules reform in terms of vote […]

FDP Chairs Race: The Establishment Strikes Back!

A few weeks ago it looked like Alan Clendenin, the runner up four years ago for Florida Democratic Party Chair would either not qualify to run or be an afterthought. But after Clendenin found a way to qualify via rural Bradford County, and the establishment candidates in the FDP Chairs Race, particularly Stephen Bittel and […]

Chasing FDP reform in 2017 part 1: staff and vendors

Every time we have an internal shift within the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) be it an election for chair or the reform of rules the role of party staff and vendors comes to the forefront. Assessing the role of staff and vendors needs to be a priority for whomever wins the election as party chair […]

Florida Democrats chairs race: What would you like to see in a chair?

This is an open forum for readers. What would like to see in a new FDP Chair? Any suggestions for a party platform? Should the FDP headquarters leave Tallahassee and if so, why? Do you have a candidate you prefer in the race for chair? Feel free to opine in the comments section!

Florida Democratic Party chairs race finally takes shape

Why anyone would actually want the job of Florida Democratic Party (FDP) Chair is beyond many who watch the process. The seemingly thankless task of organizing a party on a record losing streak (losers of 17 of the last 18 races for Governor and Cabinet) has solicited the interest of five properly-qualified (via the party […]