Florida Democrats chairs race: What would you like to see in a chair?

This is an open forum for readers.

What would like to see in a new FDP Chair?

Any suggestions for a party platform?

Should the FDP headquarters leave Tallahassee and if so, why?

Do you have a candidate you prefer in the race for chair?

Feel free to opine in the comments section!


  1. Racism 101! · · Reply



  2. Racism 101! · · Reply

    Should black women be intimidated by men into not supporting a black candidate?

    Should black women be shamed by media outlets for talking to another media outlet?

    That’s the policy of Kartik Krishnaiyer. White men and women can say what they want but a black women like Leslie Wimes cannot.


  3. The state caucuses have collected questions for the candidates and over 100 individuals submitted a maximum of three. Caucus leaders also submitted questions. We hope to interview all five candidates next week and make the interviews available via podcast. There are recurring themes. I hope whoever wins will start listening to the concerns of grassroots Democrats and not the consultant class.


  4. Leave Tallahassee!

    Empower the grassroots.

    Facilitate more diversity.


  5. Until Kartik Krishnaiyer publicly apologized to Leslie Wimes for slander he doesn’t deserve to be part of the conversation.


  6. Move the HQ from Tallahassee.

    Engage more House and Senate candidates.


  7. The hooded one · · Reply

    I am inspired by Kartik Krishnaiyer attack on Leslie Wimes.

    Our party must eliminate all the nasty black women and replace them with white men.

    We should reimpose a poll tax.

    We should require all party members be white males.


  8. Kartik is a racist who is slandering a good progressive and a decent publication. He should apologize.

    Think again! I’ll take Kos any day over SSN.



    1. The hooded one · · Reply

      Kos is establishment Democratic racist like squeeze.


    2. Who funds this site or Kos?

      SSN isn’t conservative just because you and Kos say so!

      They give progressives a fair shake unlike these sites that shame blacks into submission.


  9. How about a ban on nasty African-American women !



  10. Seriously, someone needs to get back on their meds.


  11. old man sitting by the bay. · · Reply

    Do we want to follow the path that got us to where we are? Then we will continue to stay way out in left field lost in the tall weeds. Or do we look at the messages that voters respond to and model our message to what the voter sees as the needs of the community, state and nation?


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