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The Phlip Side: Proposed Democratic Presidential Primary Changes

We are at the tail end of the process of selecting the Democratic nominee for president, and while there are no serious flaws with the process there are some things that can be done to improve it.  The biggest problem that needs to be fixed is a perception problem, especially with the Super Delegates.  The […]

NeoCons poised to abandon GOP for Clinton?

Here in Florida we have many Republicans whose foreign policy views would fit into the “neoconservative” camp. While this state has some traditional conservatives, the neocons unique blend of a free-market driven economic ideology combined with an interventionist foreign policy (which mirrors that of the neoliberals in many ways) is completely contrary to the highly-regulated, […]

Cocky Democrats Might Be Humbled in November with Clinton as Nominee

With the Republican freak show at the presidential level, a growing confidence bordering on cockiness has begun to sweep the ranks of institutional Democrats about the 2016 election. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will almost certainly be the Democratic nominee and as a defined and perhaps fatally flawed candidate, the risk of losses for the party […]

President Obama, Alan Grayson, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton walk into a bar fight

It’s a battle for the soul of the Democratic Party — are you ready to rumble?! Scott Arceneaux needs to brush up on his platitudes, because clearly, to “disagree without being disagreeable” doesn’t mean what he thinks it means. In a statement circulated to political media, Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Arceneaux said he was […]

Will you be Hillary’s next superpredator?

We know now that the theory of the superpredator is utter bullshit. In the 90s the idea was pushed by John DiIulio, a professor at Princeton who fear-mongered that by 2010, there would be “an estimated 270,000 more young predators on the streets.” This, of course, never happened. His predictive failure was nonetheless a coup […]

TFS Radio – Sanders v Clinton, Rubio v Trump and Graham Center Summit

In this Thursday edition of TFS Radio, Brook, Katy and Kartik discuss Bernie Sanders and the #Blacklivesmatter movement, Hillary Clinton’s corporatism, Marco Rubio’s tacit backing from the mainstream press and the Graham Center Future of Florida Summit. Full audio is embedded below.

Poll: Sanders or Clinton?

Who do you support for the Democratic Presidential nomination? Feel free to leave your comments and reasoning below as well.