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TFS Radio #8 – Florida Senate Race, Presidential Polling, Adam Putnam, Legislative Session and Fracking

TFS’ Brook Hines and Katy Burnett discuss the new FAU poll which yielded some interesting numbers on both the Democratic and Republican side. The TFS gang also talk Adam Putnam’s Gubernatorial chances, Hillary Clinton’s continued fall in the polls and its similarity with 2008 as well  the latest from Tallahassee and legislative session. Fracking is […]

Libya could (and probably should) be an issue against Secretary Hillary Clinton

“Let me fight the two wars already on my plate” That is how Defense Secretary Robert Gates responded to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the spring of 2011 when the United States along with France was leading a multi-national coalition to remove Muammar Gaddafi from power in Libya. Gates recalled this moment in his […]

A History of Cynicism in Recent Democratic Presidential Races

  Mark Twain supposedly said, “history doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme.”  Yet history, in the Democratic primary between former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and Senator Bernie Sanders, appears to be repeating. Democrats are well known for circular firing squads and eating their own.  However, this enthusiasm often abates during general elections against actual […]

Recent Poll: Is Hillary Clinton really the best Democratic General Election Candidate?

The narrative has consistently been painted by party insiders – a Bernie Sanders nomination would be a General Election disaster. Problem is this theory has not really been tested and my own interactions with people have indicated it might not be the case. However, with no actual empirical evidence to back me up, I generally […]

Where Donald Trump’s attacks might really hurt the Clinton team

Donald Trump has in his characteristically prickly manner made Secretary Hillary Clinton’s spouse a campaign issue in recent days. Is this fair? Typically it would not be, as spouse’s should be out of bounds during campaigns. We’ve seen through the years subtle sexist attacks on candidates wives coming from politicians on both sides of the […]

Democrats facing a potentially difficult 2016 with movement progressives

The data breach was by most standards a relatively minor happening that would have simply had a reaction limited to political insiders, data nerds and political press – had the DNC not bungled it so badly from a public relations standpoint. The DNC’s action inflamed non-political people who are backing Bernie Sanders and tend to see […]

SEIU Decision to Endorse Hillary Clinton is Classic Union Politics of 2015

SEIU’s decision to endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton for President on Tuesday was mildly shocking. I say mildly because the union movement has in recent years seized to be about working class Americans and more about Democratic Party politics.  Clinton’s evasive answers on the minimum wage and fight for $15 during Saturday’s CBS debate should have […]

SEIU decorates their new stall in the Clinton veal pen

Last week I mentioned it would be interesting to see if SEIU Florida keeps its pledge to  exclusively endorse and make contributions to candidates who agree to both take the Minimum Wage Challenge in the Fight For $15 campaign, and support $15 an hour minimum wage bills. At issue was the case of Darren Soto running […]

Hillary Clinton: regulate Wall Street and the terrorists win

Last night Hillary Clinton went “full Giuliani” when she compared criticism of her Wall Street ties to letting the terrorists win. For a candidate who is superb debate performer, the creepiest thing about last night is that this message wasn’t deployed as the result of a fumble. She said exactly what she meant to say. It all began when […]

Ask not who won the debate. Ask how you might win the future.

Tuesday night marked the most-watched Democratic Primary debate in history, with around 15.5 million viewers. This blew away expectations, and that’s not even counting those who accessed the feed online. But it’s not the most remarkable thing about this debate. Right after the broadcast, as the pundits and spinners were telling us how to perceive what […]