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Putnam’s rightward lurch is smart politics and natural to him

Florida political insiders seem to be aghast at Adam Putnam’s shift to the right. Whether it’s touting gun rights or attacking CNN as “fake news,” Putnam has more certainly attempted to re-position himself in the last few weeks. Given the rightward lurch of the GOP first in 2008 when Mike Pence replaced Putnam in the […]

What we are reading: Adam Putnam says he will prevent the Californication of Florida

One of the most courageous writers who covers politics in the Sunshine States has unearthed a gem – The Tampa Bay Times Michael van Sickler details a letter sent by Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam’s political committee and signed by Putnam himself last week made issue out of the social and economic liberalism of California. This […]

TFS Radio #8 – Florida Senate Race, Presidential Polling, Adam Putnam, Legislative Session and Fracking

TFS’ Brook Hines and Katy Burnett discuss the new FAU poll which yielded some interesting numbers on both the Democratic and Republican side. The TFS gang also talk Adam Putnam’s Gubernatorial chances, Hillary Clinton’s continued fall in the polls and its similarity with 2008 as well ┬áthe latest from Tallahassee and legislative session. Fracking is […]

Murphy Defeats Gunter 51-49: What Does it Mean?

The final results are in: Democrat Amanda Murphy has beaten Republican Bill Gunter to replace the inimitable Mike Fasano by a margin of 322 votes despite Gunter’s massive support from the Tallahassee establishment and hard-right financiers the state over. But is this a one-off thrill for Florida Dems owing to exceptional circumstances — the government […]

How Will Rick Scott’s Lurch To The Middle Impact the GOP Sense of Entitlement & Unity?

This week one by one the other members of the Florida Cabinet voiced displeasure with Rick Scott’s decision regarding Medicaid expansion. While Scott clearly can read public opinion polls and seems to have taken some steps to reinvent himself following a poor elections cycle for core Republican issues (best evidenced by the failure of ideologically […]