What we are reading: Adam Putnam says he will prevent the Californication of Florida

By Florida House Photographer – [1], Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=20967997

One of the most courageous writers who covers politics in the Sunshine States has unearthed a gem – The Tampa Bay Times Michael van Sickler details a letter sent by Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam’s political committee and signed by Putnam himself last week made issue out of the social and economic liberalism of California.

This letter which Putnam signed gives us insight into the new line of attack Republicans will use to crystallize the culture wars. “Acid, Amnesty and Abortion” now is “no more California’s.”

The letter stated:

“Unsustainable debt, disastrous environmental regulations, unfunded pensions for public employees, and massive government work projects they can’t afford are a recipe for disaster,” the letter warns its readers. “I will work day and night to prevent that. The crippling left-wing policies of their Golden State must never take root here in our Sunshine State!”

Attacking the left has since the late 1960’s revolved around some easily digestible buzz words from conservatives – an appeal to those intellectually disinterested and others with financial interest in a government of the right. The latest appears to be “Californication,” which is a thinly-veiled appeal to those who are envious of the lifestyle enjoyed by many on West Coast and a state which supports its citizens, industry and culture the way California has. This envy which is masked as disdain in many cases is now being exploited by politicians of the right like Putnam.

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