Recent Poll: Is Hillary Clinton really the best Democratic General Election Candidate?

Rubio 2

Could a Clinton nomination ensure a Rubio Presidency?

The narrative has consistently been painted by party insiders – a Bernie Sanders nomination would be a General Election disaster. Problem is this theory has not really been tested and my own interactions with people have indicated it might not be the case. However, with no actual empirical evidence to back me up, I generally accepted the established narrative. But the NBC News/WSJ poll released yesterday indicates at least in Iowa and New Hampshire, Secretary Clinton appears to be the LESS VIABLE potential Democratic candidate for a matchup with Republicans.

The poll which can be found here indicated:

Sanders outperforms Clinton in general-election matchups

The NBC/WSJ/Marist polls also show that Sanders outperforms Clinton in hypothetical general-election matchups in these two presidential battleground states – something other surveys have found, too.

Specifics below.

In Iowa:

  • Clinton leads Trump by eight points among registered voters (48 percent to 40 percent), but Sanders is ahead of him by 13 (51 percent to 38 percent);
  • Cruz tops Clinton by four points (47 percent to 43 percent), but Sanders beats him by five (47 percent to 42 percent);
  • And up Rubio is up by five points over Clinton (47 percent to 42 percent), while he’s tied with Sanders (44 percent to 44 percent).

In New Hampshire:

  • Clinton is ahead of Trump by just one point (45 percent to 44 percent), but Sanders tops him by 19 points (56 percent to 37 percent);
  • Cruz beats Clinton by four points (48 percent to 44 percent), but Sanders leads him by another 19 points (55 percent to 36 percent);
  • And Rubio bests Clinton by 12 points (52 percent to 40 percent), while Sanders leads him by nine points (50 percent to 41 percent).

It is worth noting that Iowa and New Hampshire are among a handful of true swing states in this era of polarized partisan voting and blue/red America.



  1. patrianakos · · Reply

    The insiders’ narrative is exactly that – the insiders’. This year’s voters are in no mood to follow insider tutelage – just look at the Republican race.


  2. The Observer · · Reply

    If we are truly concerned about the best Democrat, how does the party explain Murphy ?




  4. […] But since November 1992, the Clinton’s have exhibited an arrogance and a sense of entitlement – and each time they’ve been up against it they’ve used the instruments of power and intimidation including the mechanisms within the Democratic Party, as well as fear. This week, with Senator Clinton’s poll numbers sagging and the narrative about general election strength being refuted by recent surveys. […]


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