Poll: Sanders or Clinton?

DNCWho do you support for the Democratic Presidential nomination? Feel free to leave your comments and reasoning below as well.


  1. Roy Trachtenberg · · Reply

    ALAN GRAYSON, who claims that his super delegate vote for Democratic President will be determined by people who click on his link on Facebook IS TOTAL BULLSHIT – IT’S A PHONY VOTE TO GET YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR HIS RUN FOR US SENATE SEAT vacated by Marco Rubio.

    Alan Grayson is UNDER INVESTIGATION by the House ethics committee for using his position as a Congressman to promote his OFF SHORE HEDGE FUND designed to avoid paying US taxes. Senator Reid said that Alan Grayson had “NO MORAL COMPASS”. He is a LIAR and a CHEAT. At first he supported Hillary Clinton before the Primaries. Then he used Bernie’s name in order to get donations when Bernie won primaries. NOW HE IS GOING TO USE YOUR EMAIL FOR HIS BULLSHIT AND TO SOLICIT CONTRIBUTIONS.
    ALLAN GRAYSON IS A LIAR, CHEAT, WITH “NO MORAL COMPASS – Source of information – NY Times.com 2/12, Sun Sentinel 2/13 pg. 2B. Article has since been published in major newspapers in Tampa, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, etc.

    1. Thanks for talking shit about Grayson, When I get a chance I’ll be sure to donate to him. All I needed to know was the Democratic elite and establishment are against him. That makes me for him.

    2. Thanks for talking smack about Grayson, When I get a chance I’ll be sure to donate to him. All I needed to know was the Democratic elite and establishment are against him. That makes me for him

      1. Roy Trachtenberg · ·

        Apparently you do not believe the Sun Sentinel 2/13 pg. 2B or the NY Times. Alan Grayson is a cheat, liar, and a man of “no moral character.” This is coming from the media not the Democratic Party. Fact – Alan Grayson has an off shore hedge fund that avoids paying US taxes This is the person that you are defending?

  2. I like Sanders ability to communicate. I like his program even if some of it goes a little too far. We need a program as dynamic as his if we ever want to escape the neo-liberal system we’ve lived under since at least 1980. However, I don’t think he can win. He might be able to beat Trump but he could lose to the others. O’Malley is actually still on the ballot in Duval County (maybe all of Florida) so I will vote for him. I don’t want Hillary to get to cocky and I want her to realize a lot of voters want her to adopt far more progressive ideas, like Bernie’s, if she wants to be the nominee. Unfortunately, it’s more typical for nominees to move toward the center, which would be hard to imagine with her.

    1. Take another look at the poll results. He can win.

    2. Sanders is actually beating every single republican by a wider margin than Hillary in every general election poll. In fact, Hillary is losing to or essentially tied with every republican in a general election poll besides Trump, while Sanders is beating them all by a considerable margin. Voting for O’Malley is a waste of time because he dropped out of the race and he has absolutely no chance of winning, so if you vote for him it’s essentially the same as not voting at all.

  3. I believe that Hillary’s negatives will prevent independents from supporting her, and R’s from crossing over. Also, young people will not vote. Only the hard-core Dems will vote, and that’s not enough. Bernie can capture all of those, and motivate the disillusioned to vote.

    1. Roy Trachtenberg · · Reply

      Bernie is a dreamer – I like his idea for free college education by taxing the rich – Problem – The Republican Congress is not going to pass that tax. I like Bernie’s idea for single payer for health insurance – Problem – The Republican Congress will be happy to do away with Obamacare but they most certainly are not going to do away with health insurance companies. Bernie’s ideas are not realistic and he has little foreign policy experience. Hillary is a doer – she got the nations to agree to a boycott of Iran which brought Iran to the negotiating table and prevented an imminent nuclear war. VOTE FOR HILLARY – BUT REMEMBER THIS: /Users/Roy/Downloads/12507154_10153939641219744_1850820807804978808_n.jpg

      1. Umm…Iran has zilch to do with Hillary, but ISIS strength in Libya sure does! Thanks for overthrowing the dictator and opening that country for terrorism, sort of like W did with Iraq.

      2. Yeah we plan to resolve that little problem with the obstructionists. 😉

  4. David Jones · · Reply

    I will be voting for the candidate who is committed to fighting for 15, removing the social security cap, providing Medicare for all, developing clean green energy, rebuilding our infrastructure and advancing laws that will prevent another contrived crash on Wall Street. Moreover, I want a commander-in-chief who will not provoke a major international conflict by imposing a no-fly zone over Syria and who will pressure Saudis to police their own neighborhood by using their army and their financial resources to do so. Enough of the open-ended no-bid U.S, taxpayer funded contracts that are lining the pockets of war profiteers who in turn are greasing the palms of members of congress..It’s time to vote for our own interests up and down the ballot, starting with Bernie Sanders at the top. To do otherwise is akin to giving our permission to allowing a corrupt system to continue undermining our general well-being.

  5. David Gladding II · · Reply

    At least Alan Grayson is A true liberal. Plus-This is Fl. not N.Y. PAT is A Blue dog! FEEL THE BERN!

    1. Roy Trachtenberg · · Reply

      STOP THE LIE David Gladding II – Alan Grayson is not a true liberal. He manages an off shore hedge fund that avoids US taxes. He uses his position as Congressman to promote his hedge fund. He originally supported Hillary before the primaries when it looked like she would win. When Bernie started to win primaries, Grayson used his name to get contributions. Grayson posted a phony vote for his super delegate vote so that people on Facebook could vote for President. But it was a con because you had to give email and he requested donations for his campaign. THIS IS NOT THE ACTIONS OF A LIBERAL. THIS IS THE ACTIONS OF A LIAR, CROOK, AND AS SENATOR REID SAID “A MAN OF NO MORAL COMPASS” Senator Reid even asked Grayson to resign from the Senate race because he was an embarrassment to the Democratic Party and to Liberals.

      Patrick Murphy is a true liberal. He was a liberal Republican but switched because there are no more liberals in the Republican Party. He defeated the conservative tea party Republican Alan West. If you go to his Facebook site, you will see that he has acted on the liberal Democratic agenda. Most important PATRICK MURPHY IS HONEST AND HAS INTEGRITY. He doesn’t flip flop like Alan Grayson.

      1. Blue dogs are DINOS by default. All of thme. Yes. All. They’re conservatives. Right wing. Right wing democrats are all phony democrats.

      2. If patrick murphy is such a “true liberal” Then why does his campaign page have no platform, no statements about his stances on the issues, nothing? really of substance? look at it.

        some Liberal.

      3. Seems Alan Grayson’s Criticism of Murphy that he’s Running an “issues phobic” campaign is pretty accurate given that his Web Page can’t even list his platform or position on any issue at all.

  6. Williamilo · · Reply

    Sander’s is not bought by Wallstreet like Hillary is. Sanders has been fighting for civil rights since he was in college while Hillary campaigned for Barry GoldwateR(a racist senator. Sanders is trying to move the USA towards progress by adopting policies from Norway which has a higher standard of living than the USA. Sanders is genuine and that’s why he is my choice.

  7. I’m voting for Bernie or no one. I’d rather sit the election out than vote for anyone but Bernie.

  8. I’m voting for Hillary. There are many reasons but so many people healthy today got health care through CHIP. When she did not get HillaryCare through she didn’t sit down or give up, She worked to get the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) passed. What has Bernie done that is comparable? He blathers beautifully, but doesn’t have a record of much coming to the people. He’s had a long long time to get something done and he hasn’t.

    1. You’re kidding right. Bernie has secured over $10 billion in funding to sustain and expand community health centers, ensuring that millions of low income individual can access care, through an amendment to the ACA and subsequent renewal legislation. It’s documented. He led the fight for the funding and actually reached across the aisle and got Republican support. Try actually looking at his record instead of just repeating untrue HRC talking points.

  9. Dems in Action · · Reply

    If you sit this election out you might as well vote for Trump. I like Bernie’s ideas but they are pie in the sky ideas. It can never happen. If you think the republicans were obstructionists with Obama, they were shut the door under Bernie. Free college? What about the people who are struggling to pay off student loans? Can you just cancel their debt? Medicare for all? Great! but destroying the insurance companies just increases the unemployment problem. Everything that Bernie wants is wonderful but nothing happens overnight. I hope we can raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour in 2 years.

    1. David Jones · · Reply

      If Hillary truly wants a $12/hr minimum wage she should be asking for $15 or so as the sausage-making process in the congress will whittle it down. Moreover, if you think Republicans are not going to obstruct Hillary, it is you who is banking on a false hope.

    2. A lot of people say he can’t accomplish anything. And yet he has such a wave of support that he got Hillary and myltiple congressmen to parrot his platform and change their message. Haven’t you heard? The establishment candidate is the new leper and everyone is trying to distance themselves and insist they are the most progressive. Look at what an accomplishment that is and he is not in office yet.

  10. Bernie!!!

    Without question. A man that is wanting to save Social Security, Hold Big Banks accountable, remove Citizens United, give our veterans the support they need, improve on Obama Care, and provide a higher education for every American child. Bernie can reach over party lines and that has been proven time and time again. If Hillary wins the nomination then the Republicans will win. THAT is scary as shit in my opinion.

  11. Christina · · Reply

    Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for WE THE PEOPLE. #BERNIESANDERS2016

  12. My vote will go to Bernie Sanders. I’m in Tx and there are a lot of us here that will vote the same as me

  13. Hillary is a sneaky liar. Won’t trust her with my my dogs.

  14. I vote for Bernie Sanders only

  15. I bet those Goldman Sachs paid speaking transcripts are going up in value every day.

  16. Carolyn Kersey · · Reply

    He has ideas about the ways to help all the people. He will make everyone pay their fair share of taxes. He will help the social security system, provide a way for people to go to college, get us out of wars and get people back to work. Finally he will fix the health care system.

  17. Sanders all the way!

  18. eugenia V · · Reply

    Florida’s high youth culture will really help the whole country, when they get out to vote the candidate who cares for the people, rather than the corporations (banks,media,big oil, big pharma, insurance companies, etc. etc). Bernie will fight for regulations to Protect Our Water! Protect Our Land (from frackers,eh?!!) and our Environment and Air. Here’s to requiring that the Big Biz pay their own taxes!! And that we re-route a Major portion of our tax monies from Military Outposts and Wars, back to this country – our People, Education, Infrastructure, JOBS. #Bernie2016 only makes sense. AND Hillary canNOT defeat Trump, her trails of scandals are too long and varied.. End of story. (Of course, the Media do not want you to know any of this, as the MEDIA (tv, NewYorkTimes, WaPost, and all the major newspapers across the country) is Big Business.)

  19. Bernie has integrity and he is right on all points. The 1% is destroying the world for their own greed. If I vote for Bernie at least I voted my conscience.

  20. Joanne Sterner · · Reply

    This poll is a joke!

  21. Jesus Suarez · · Reply


  22. Ruth Ann Eaddy · · Reply

    I have just now had time to read the comments. All of you are assuming that Congress will remain in the hands of the Republicans. If Bernie wins and his voters vote against the Republicans in Congress, he can get things done. As for the Insurance Companies, they already are in play with Medicare with the Advantage Plans which is privatization of Medicare. Medicare for All will relieve the business community of the insurance expense and leave room for increased wages. And Bernie is not saying anything is for Free. The workers are today paying into Medicare for future insurance, the cost will need to be increased for insurance today…it is called a premium by insurance companies, why do we call it a tax when it is government single payer?

  23. Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to lead us in the oval office and the rest of the world,she has the REAL solutions and plans to make us all satisfied.What matters most for us is her ability and capacity to work,and she is ultimately at the right AGE to become the next POTUS,so guys having been write all of these may you listen to the REAL plan ..NOT those who are new faces but nothing in solutions,they just give excitement…join us..as we prepare for the BIG BANG new HISTORY…VOTE HILLARY CLINTON!!!

    1. She would be okay if she didn’t have to return all those favors to her campaign contributors. There is too much big money in politics. Time to change it. Bernie is our man.

  24. The campaign contribution “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” has gotten way out of hand. It is time to reign it in because the people have lost their voice. We are counting on Bernie to bring it back for us

  25. Christopher M. Kennard · · Reply

    My decision to support Bernie Sanders is rather easy . . .

    I am 64 years old, and was aware of who Bernie Sanders was rather early on, becoming involved in the SDS and Peace Movement through an older brother in 1967 as well as the Civil Rights Movement . . . each an aspect at “One” with the other.

    Rev. Martin Luther King advised young men, such as my brother and me, to oppose the Vietnam War and refuse to go . . . if opposed on moral grounds, then file for Conscientious Objector status (CO 2) and be willing to follow your beliefs to five years in prison, if need be.

    My older brother Bill and I followed Martin Luther King’s heart-felt advice. We both filed a “joint claim” for CO 2 status after becoming intensely involved in the Peace Movement, to the extent of becoming a Draft Counselor and traveling the NE college circuit conducting seminars regarding the legal and illegal choices young men had to oppose the draft.

    My brother and I obtained our CO 2 status, and while engaged in our two years alternative service (my brother as a counselor living at a child’s shelter home and I worked in a huge hidden institution for the Mentally Retarded in NY, and worked to break the large, horrendous institutions up into group homes for those able to live in a more normal, gentler setting). We became aware that Bernie Sanders, well-known at the time in movement circles, had also filed for Conscientious Objector status, based upon his moral objections to killing men, women and children in an immoral war that hundreds of thousands of good Americans once supported, only later to discover they were lied to by President Lyndon Johnson (D) and disgraced President Tricky Dick Nixon. Both political parties were guilty back then, and remain equally guilty today.

    Sound familiar? Very similar to how the general public was deceived in 2003 when the Bush Family and Cheney wanted a war with Iraq, to protect and expand their oil interests in the area. Most Democrats and the corporate press (not liberal, wrong word–the corporate press is correct) went “willingly” and some, wit fully, along.

    Bernie Sanders stayed true and on course over the years; gaining entry into the political world of corruption and deception, yet never submitting or tainted or changing his direction or course of changing the world, one by one, with patience and the knowledge of what you are doing is good and pure and sustainable . . . a citizen’s movement.

    My decision not to support Hillary Clinton is not as easy to make, given my age and my wish that the world were a different place, and Hillary Clinton did not have such rank corruption surrounding her aura and all she touches . . . . Karma . . . Every thought, word, deed —linked and inseparable, each connected and creating the impact upon all you touch, love and do in life.

    Hillary Clinton, a woman of great political skill and knowledge of what is best for her, and many other “like minded” Democratic Party politicians followed the line of lies the George jr. Bush league carelessly laid out, leading right off the edge of the cliff, into our next immoral war against nearly defenseless people . . . but then why not? The Clinton’s and the Bush Clan are very close business partners, and both political parties work well together.

    Bernie Sanders makes reference to this fact, often. He is absolutely correct to do so, since it pertains to a person’s judgment, even when everyone else is running around in circles clueless as to what is going on. His “establishment Democratic Party” opponent, Hillary Clinton, both voted for the Iraq War and had to have been aware if not a “direct party” to the years of cocaine trafficking deals between Bill Clinton, the CIA and the Bush Clan over the 1980’s and 90’.

    Bernie Sanders, remember, is an “independent” public official; always has been. He has not and never will accept money from super-wealthy patrons, donors, campaign cash slush funds or positions of power, wealth and fame offered to all upper government officials, elected or appointed to public office. Bernie remains happily “clean” and relatively poor, in a material sense, for a member of the millionaires’ club, the U.S. Senate. A little mentioned “feat” unto itself . . . you gotta be good to be that good!

    This last little “tid-bit” of knowledge . . . the close clandestine drug deal ties between the two men and the CIA, going back to the days of the Iran-Contra War trail of drug money in the 1980’s, on through the 1990’s, when the transfer of power between George sr. Bush and Bill Clinton occurred, and Bill “took over” and became President for two terms in office until 2000

    . . . This is what is going to blow Hillary and the corrupt Democratic Party out of the water, come the general election with Trump or whomever is chosen to represent the Republican Party. Third Political Parties may abound!

    The money Hillary Clinton receives from friends who are multi-millionaires and her web of business dealings influencing her votes and policy decisions when she is in public office and should be serving the people of the United States is bad enough.

    The web of deep corruption involving cocaine, the resulting “crack” cocaine epidemic in black communities (as planned by the CIA for long term, multi-generational “population control”) multiple murders, and unplanned spin-off to white suburban communities wrecking havoc with the CIA’s plans and resulting diversions of the Iraq War, Gay Rights, HIV/Aids Epidemic, the Anti-Abortion movements, etc. all are far more serious issues relating to Hillary Clinton. I turn not away, to avert my gaze . . . it is my responsibility to engage as someone who lives here, in the USA and has children and family here.

    Had this presidential primary election been between a moderate establishment type, like Hillary Clinton is suppose to represent, sans all of the power hungry, political corruption, and good ole’ Bernie Sanders, of whom I have known for many decades, and I would be a very happy camper.

    It is not. It may well be the meaning of the underlying reason why Bernie Sanders chose now to run for President . . . Bernie knows of the trail, the patterns, and direction in which all of this corruption is leading America . . . The people of America, you and me, will either deal with it in this election, or succumb and face the real prospect of no longer being the home of the free and brave. Either we are more or less modern day “serfs” living on the little thrown to us for substance and mindless, passive diversionary entertainment or we will engage in a people’s “political revolution” by supporting Bernie Sanders all the way through to the Democratic Convention, and then voice, collectively, the “will of the people of the United States of America.” It is time for a change.

    Aside from my “moral” reasons why I could not find it within myself to vote for Hillary, even in the face of her tag-team friend representing the “other side”, or the Republicans, the knowledge of what the “Clinton team” of Bill and Hillary have already done while in office staggers my ability to fool myself into believing that Trump could possibly do more harm.
    Don Trump is more likely to be quickly stopped, and decisively so, then would Hillary Clinton.
    Hillary Clinton is tied to both political parties by the same super-wealthy web of donors and Clinton Foundation members spread throughout the world, wherever money can corrupt. The Clinton’s and Don Trump are friends and go to each others social galas; the Clinton’s also attending one of Don Trumps wedding celebrations . . . either the third, or perhaps fourth one.

    I will not vote for either the “Hillary-Billy” Clinton Team or Don Trump, but will most likely vote for a third party candidate for President this election, unless the fates intervene, and the Democrats have a open Democratic Party Convention where we have our opening to change the country and the world. No expectations, but I am still organizing in our Ocala to Gainesville Florida area and sending my bi-monthly $10 campaign donation in to Bernie to keep on truckin’ . . . as I know he will.

    I “Love” the guy only as someone who has been following a similar path to his may be able to . . . I can relate to his goals, his grassroots, long term community organizing approach which lasts and is sustainable over time and Bernie’s karma . . . the best!

    Peace Love Light within and with each and all of us . . . today, tomorrow . . . always!

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