Donald Trump – Trouble for Hillary Clinton in Florida?

TrumpMany Democrats are crowing about the possibility of facing off with Donald Trump in a General Election. But if we continue under the premise that Hillary Clinton will be nominated by the Democrats some clear weaknesses that can be exploited by Trump are easily noticeable. None of the below weaknesses other than perhaps number five apply to Senator Bernie Sanders. Instead they are specific to a Trump-Clinton race.

Let’s go through these vulnerabilities.

  1. Trade Issues

Florida’s Congressional Delegation has included some Republicans skeptical of free trade agreements and open borders. While the border and immigration issues tend to rally the right wing, free trade agreements and railing against them appeals to some labor-oriented types and Bernie Sanders supporters. Any leakage in Clinton’s presumed support among Democrats and left-leaning NPA’s on the trade issues could be costly.

      2. Wall Street

Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street ties including her accepting speaking fees from the likes of Goldman Sachs might seem like a non-vulnerability against a real estate tycoon like Donald Trump. But in fact, Clinton’s tries to Wall Street might be easily exploited by Trump, who has tried to carve an independent streak on business issues including his denouncement of Hedge Fund managers (who has as much culpability for onset of the Great Recession as any other group) and his noticeable protectionist streak.

       3. Iraq War

So many Democrats have tried to either whitewash then-Senator Hillary Clinton’s vote to authorize the use of force in Iraq or have attempted to cast blame on the Republicans and Bush Administration for this vote. As Secretary of State eight and a half years later, Clinton was the foremost advocate for the intervention in Libya by the Obama Administration. Libya has subsequently gone from a minor annoyance under Muammar Gaddafi to a failed state with significant ISIS and terrorist concentrations where the US might be forced to intervene AGAIN. In contrast, Trump will claim he was against both military interventions, hitting Clinton hard and potentially peeling off a few Democratic voters.

    4. Brash New Yorker

Florida is filled with transplanted New Yorkers, many of whom are Democrats but some who might find Trump’s personality appealing. Trump’s personality will woo some voters, and Florida might be a place where the margins are so tight between the parties that a few wayward voters here or there could make a difference.

  5. Trump’s Name All Over Florida

This is a lesser consideration, but Trump’s name is on a bunch of properties in this state and while this probably doesn’t impact many voters, it might help sway just enough to make difference in a small margin state like Florida.


One comment

  1. These are Hillary problems, and if Trump prevails, he will trot out every faux pas of Bill and Hillary’s in detail! As for 4. and 5., you forget that Bernie is a NY native! and sorry, Trump real estate will have no sway on how voters vote in Florida! And the polls are correct IMO, Bernie prevails in any matchup with any Repub candidate!


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