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Vital abortion decision expected today — Will Rick Scott be allowed to send women to dental clinics for birth control?

It’s been a big week for Supreme Court decisions, with SCOTUS striking down the Texas law designed to close women’s clinics by instituting absurd, medically unnecessary restrictions. These anti-choice tactics are known as TRAP laws (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) and require women’s care facilities to needlessly be outfitted as ambulatory surgical centers, and providers to […]

BEYOND THE PALE: misogyny has no place in District 9, in lawmaking or rhetoric

Mandatory ultrasound laws take the anti-abortion protestor and put him inside the exam room with the patient. These laws are literally designed to give the anti-abortion protestor legal standing in the context of a woman’s medical setting, and to make her pay for it to boot. Any politician who votes for coerced medical procedures as a […]

KILLING US SOFTLY: On abortion we’re one compromise away from third world status

This week I traveled to Tallahassee to “tell my abortion story” to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Along with two other women, we went to make women’s voices heard as the fate of the Mandatory Wait Bill (SB 724) was “considered.”I put “considered” in scare quotes because we all know that there’s no “consideration” in these matters. […]

Where Are the Viable Women Activists in the State of Florida? Could They Please Stand Up?

HB 1047 hit the Governor’s desk this morning, which means that Rick Scott has 15 days to either sign or veto it (or if he does nothing the bill becomes law anyway). For those of you who are not up-to-date on the politics of the uterus, HB 1047 made headlines by redefining the term ‘viability’ […]