It’s time to say ERA Yes again – Alyssa Milano agrees!

I have kept my Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) advocacy button (pictured below) handy to show people I still believe in the ERA, but never thought I’d be wearing it again. But I am now, thanks to the Supreme Court.

This week, we received irrefutable confirmation that a women’s right to manage her own body and medical decisions is never safe in the United States. In Florida, we were one of a the handful of states that in the 1970’s & early 80’s came close to passing the Equal Rights Amendment but fell short. Our State House passed it multiple times but it never got past the then-highly regressive Senate. Governor Askew strongly backed the Amendment as did a number of what you would consider conservative GOPers when the ERA passed Congress.

The Amendment, as we all know fell just short, passing 35 states, three short of the required 38. It’s time to receive the ERA, as women cannot trust their fate to be treated as equal citizens to the whims of politicians and judges.

Today, the ERA and other equal pay or equal rights initiatives are on the back-burner. As politicians tout equality, many do little in the legislative arena to actually bring it about. Having failed to codify Roe v Wade in a timely fashion, it’s now time to restart the push for the ERA as well as codifying Roe- dual tracks to curb the excesses of judges and politicians while protecting women both constitutionally and in the US code.

Here is a powerful video from Alyssa Milano that hits all the right notes on this issue:


  1. There narrative, or at least Alyssa’s narative, is that but for men we wouldn’t be in the mess. But would we be in the mess if Obama could have named RBG’s successor on the SCOTUS? I realize as a man he’s part of the problem, but just wondering.


  2. Please excuse the poor spelling. “The” and “narrative”


  3. Millie Herrera · ·

    Salsagator, where do you get that it was Obama’s fault? When Antonin Scalia passed away in February 2016, Obama nominated Merrick Garland, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to even give him a hearing and an up and down vote. Then former guy won the election in November 2016, and nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill Scalia’s vacant seat, and he was confirmed. Former guy did “something” to pressure Anthony Kennedy to resign from the SCOTUS in 2018, and Kavanaugh was confirmed in his place. Fomer guy was president in September 2020 when RBG passed away – NOT Obama – and that’s when Amy Barrett was confirmed as the third SCOTUS judge appointed by former guy. So, NO, it wasn’t Obama’s fault that we’re in this mess. It’s the fault of the 45% of voters who sat home in 2016 and did not vote, and those who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary Clinton because she was a woman or “not progressive enough” 😦


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