Darren Soto + Donald Trump: why ConservaDems spell disaster in 2016

IN a political environment driven by campaign cash, it matters who is at the top of candidate fundraisers because it shows who the candidate aligns himself with, while providing a road map of who is bidding on that lawmaker’s future votes. Who co-chairs a fundraiser can help tell the story of a candidate’s past and future.

With regard to past indicators, my colleague Kartik Krishnaiyer previously discussed here, Darren Soto’s game as being on the extreme right end of what is acceptable to be a Democrat. Kartik says Soto “became the poster child for conservative Democrats who seek higher office by running in safe Democratic seats backed by Republican money and the support of large elements of a bipartisan political establishment.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.46.39 PMSo, it was no surprise when I read in Down With Tyranny that Darren Soto’s Thursday fundraiser is co-hosted by former Pennsylvania Rep. Jason Altmire—an anti-choice, ConservaDem Blue Dog, who even lost his seat in Congress after voting against the Affordable Care Act, four times.

It’s also no surprise Altmire is now a lobbyist for insurance giant Florida Blue. He was offered that executive position before he had time catch his breath from his election loss. But, we’re certain the plum job offer had absolutely nothing to do with the fact he voted against Obamacare, four times. Nothing at all.

Altmire is an FSU ex-football jock, who has the unnerving habit of locking into vacant doll-eyed patter when delivering talking points, as seen here on The Colbert Show “Know Your District” segment.

As the robotic übermensch, Altmire is a curious foil to Soto’s diminutive nervous Nelly-ness, making them an unlikely Dude-Bro team, but they have much in common when it comes to the ladies, as revealed in their votes on women’s health. As a Congressman, Altmire had an astounding z-e-r-o rating from NARAL, and voted with Republicans against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act. Altmire pushed women aside to vote with Republicans on the redefinition of rape to “forceable rape,” to exclude those who have been drugged, threatened or otherwise unable to fight. Soto has his own backwards view of women’s rights and reproductive freedom, exemplified in his votes against alimony, for paternalistic mandatory ultrasounds, and for instituting the onerous 24-hour waiting period.

Neither of these guys can be trusted with women’s policy issues, but only one still threatens to make law directly. Their anti-woman votes seem so fanatical they make one wonder if they might have gotten some wires crossed in their psycho-religious development. It’s like they’re competing for “Commanders of the Faithful” in some fantasy-football version of The Handmaid’s Tale: Republic of Gilead. And yes, the preceding was a shameless reference to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale which can be purchased at Amazon and should be read NOT as a how-to manual. Great holiday gift, along with Atwood’s Maddaddam Trilogy box set: Oryx & Crake, The Year of the Flood, and Maddaddam.

Reflected in their lobbyist-lawmaker friendship, Soto and Altmire also share a loyalty to serving special interests. Altmire was named the “Most Anti-Small Business Congressman,” by the American Small Business League (ASBL) after drafting legislation in his first year of office that would have forced legitimate small businesses to compete head-to-head against big businesses and venture capital syndicates for federal small business contracts, grants and loans. He sought to achieve this by re-defining those Wall Street interests as “independently-owned.” This cowardly, lobbyist maneuvering would have tilted the playing field from small businesses that deserve assistance, to those benefitting from eliminating small competitors.

For his part, Darren Soto’s special interest Loyalty Program Card is punched with an “A” rating from the NRA, 100 percent Florida Chamber rating (the Chamber is a Republican-affiliated group—the opposite of a friend of small business). He also scored 100 percent from Jeb Bush’s Excellence in Education Foundation for being a champion of public school privatization schemes. These accolades reflect work done at the expense of middle class working families in Florida. Taken together they’re a measure of how much we’ve sacrificed by sending a “Democrat in name only” to Tallahassee.

The bread and butter of special interest deals—deregulation, privatization, and other bogus small government policies pushed by business interests—lie at the heart of what is destroying American Democracy from the inside out. Participatory democracy is dying from Congress members only do the bidding of lobbyists. Fortunately, some political theorists are finally starting to point out the obvious: neoliberalism and Democracy are incompatible. That’s a link to another worthy read, Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism’s Stealth Revolution, by Wendy Brown, University of California, Berkeley.

How else does one explain an “A” from the NRA in the time when the country faces more mass shootings than there are days in the year? This isn’t a reflection of the will of the people, it’s an expression of contempt for Democracy as the result of being bought out. This behavior should worry anyone voting in District 9, because policy questions facing the country which are addressed at the Congressional level are becoming more complex and morally fraught. Can we really afford this seat, once held by Alan Grayson, to be sold off vote by vote, the way Altmire ran his seat in Pennsylvania’s District 4?

Given that Altmire and Soto are peas in a pod, the contrast couldn’t be more clear between Soto and the real progressive running in District 9, Susannah Randolph.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.06.07 PM

Susannah Randolph firing up the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida at the Florida Democratic Party Convention.

Randolph won the endorsement of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America as an “Elizabeth Warren-wing” Democrat who will fight to enact policies such as debt-free college, Social Security expansion, greater Wall Street regulation and campaign finance reform. She also just landed the endorsement of Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Chief Deputy Whip for the 113th Congress. As Alan Grayson’s former right hand, there’s no better person to pick up where he leaves off.

There’s a lot more to our work as Democrats than simply sending any politician to Washington who happens to have a “D” next to their name. It matters who you send. It matters if they intend to fight for their constituents once they get there, instead of fighting on the side of special interests. It matters if they are committed to building power for the community, and it matters that they know how to run a  campaign without relying on special interest largesse.

RWNJs in Congress demand Rep. Keith Ellison "renounce Sharia Law." One more reason we need to help elect fighters, not ConservaDems, to support true progressive champions like Ellison.

RWNJs in Congress demand Rep. Keith Ellison “renounce Sharia Law.” One more reason we need to elect fighters, not ConservaDems, to support true progressive champions like Ellison.

Let’s dig deeper into the Dude-Bro thing. There’s the classic golf-playing Chamber Dude-Bro who does little transactional favors for special interests. This is the most common form of Dude-Bro. When Dude-Bros circle the wagons on reproductive health issues, alimony and violence against women, you might label them Christian/MRA Dude-Bros.

I believe there’s a new form of Dude-Bro to add as we enter new, dark new territory with Donald Trump calling for Muslims to be barred from America. Raging Dude-Bros are a sub-set currently benefitting from tickling America’s rage nuts. This behavior is dangerous and it must be stopped. There’s no middle ground to be found with Raging Dude-Bros who are instigating open contempt against American Muslims. There’s no “compromise” bipartisan deal to strike. You’re either on board with the Constitution or not. It’s an easy yes/no question.

Not to put too fine a point on The Handmaid’s Tale analogy, but the threat of “Islamic terrorism” was the trigger in the story for the creation of the “Republic of Gilead,” which suspended the Constitution and instituted a surveillance and control apparatus based on data collection. The “strong men” who took over were Christian “patriots”—fascists actually, like Trump—who amassed power through fear, force and propaganda. And it seems we’re rapidly moving in this direction.

Just today Rep. Steve King demanded that colleagues who practice the Muslim faith, including the above-mentioned Keith Ellison, needed to prove their fealty to the United States by “renouncing Sharia Law.” This is as offensive as it is dangerous and stupid, and the similarities with the Republic of Gilead are striking. We seem to be standing at the top of a vertical drop into Atwood’s dystopia. This is not the time to send spineless Dude-Bros to Congress to make nice with the other side.

Separating the pragmatic from the fanciful, what I find particularly relevant about about The Handmaid’s Tale is Atwood’s description of the power dynamics leading up to our country’s reversal of fortune. The tribal, Dude-Bro nature of Christian “strong men” who gather to react in a crisis has a predictable trajectory. It doesn’t matter which out-groups end up in their crosshairs. Someone must wind up in their crosshairs. You either head off the Raging Christian Chamber Dude-Bros before they achieve power, or prepare for that swift dystopic descent.

Regardless of who wins the 2016 Presidential race, the American people are going to be left traumatized from another 11 months of constant xenophobic head banging. The zeitgeist is so poisonous right now, that even some Republicans are calling out Donald Trump as a fascist. These are uncharted waters.

I’m quite convinced that every elected Congressperson we send to DC must be a courageous fighter on Constitutional issues, social justice and individual rights. We can’t afford the kind of transactional politicians who make a habit of sneaking around to the other side to make “bipartisan” deals, and line their golden parachute. We don’t have the luxury of supporting their Blue Dog lifestyle anymore.

So, let’s just list out three reasons why putting a ConsevaDem for District 9 is such a bad idea.

First, putting ConservaDem in District 9 means wasting energy to keep a DINO in line instead of making progress on issues that matter to middle class working families. You thought you might see some progress on issue you care about? Well, forget it, because instead you’ll be wasting your time calling his office making sure he stays the course on key votes. Making headway on issues like fully funded schools, reproductive rights, good jobs and reasonable gun control will not come from this representative.

Secondly, a ConservaDem is more vulnerable to challenge in off-year elections. This is because their votes don’t earn the respect or support of the base, which makes them easy off-year targets for toppling by a challenger who does have base support, from either party, depending on how the political winds blow that year. So, why waste a couple of years on someone who is going to be a short-termer at best? The game they’re playing is to extract some sweet booty from their special interest buddies, and cash out with a lobbyist job. Why should the voters of District 9 support this?

Third, ConservaDems weaken the base because they don’t return power to the community. When all their time is spent schmoozing special interest lobbyists, there’s not much love leftover for The People—and, The People take notice. See above Altmire vote against Obamacare followed by permanent Congressional vacation. Altmire didn’t build any power back into Pennsylvania’s 4th District. That wasn’t his plan. Instead he gave Obamacare the finger then high-tailed it back down to Florida, where he played football for FSU, and took a high-paying lobbyist position at Florida Blue. Gotta love that revolving door. Voters get screwed, while lawmakers never play without a safety net.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 1.36.21 AM

TFS colleague Kartik Krishnaiyer argued that Soto could start up the “Jeb Bush Democratic Caucus” with all the “bipartisan” work and Republican money he’s amassed.

Don’t cry for Darren Soto. He won’t lack for options when he loses this race. He has plenty of friends in the lobbyist circles around Tallahassee. He can easily land a position at Jeb Bush’s Excellence in Education Foundation, or snag a gig as spokesman for the NRA, pushing AR-15s after the next mass shooting. The Right To Life Coalition might find something for him to do if there’s any reproductive rights still in existence anywhere—his history indicates he’d be happy to lend a hand to curtail them.

I realize that sounds harsh to picture Darren Soto doing that sort of work when not in office, but that is exactly the kind of work he did while in office—in our name. To expect a vast moral turnaround would be mad.

As Howie Klein quips in Down With Tyranny, “Soto is about as BAD a Democrat for liberals and progressives as anyone in the state.” That puts Soto in the company of Patrick Murphy and Gwen Graham—in a district with an estimated PVI of D+5. Putting a ConservaDem in that seat invites disaster. The candidate most able to win and keep that seat has a profile that is reliably more to the Democratic side of the Democratic party than Soto’s.

Unless your agenda is to overturn Roe Vs Wade, assist the NRA in their campaign to ensure everyone carries a gun, and hope to one day send all our children to privatized Christian academies funded by public tax money that benefit private business associates of Jeb Bush, it’s nuts to waste time and energy on electing Darren Soto for District 9.

The choice in this race couldn’t be clearer. There’s a real champion for middle class working families in Susannah Randolph. She’s a sharp politician, with deep roots in Florida circles, and is passionate about building power back into the community. She’s the real deal. Unlike Darren Soto, Susannah Randolph can win in District 9 seat, and hold on to it beyond a Presidential year with its expected coattails effect. She is a true leader with depth and integrity, who will continue Alan Grayson’s legacy of making Central Florida a force to be reckoned with. Susannah Randolph won’t disappoint on issues like women’s reproductive health, sensible gun control, and fully funded public schools. She’ll be a true fighter on the Elizabeth Warren Wing making Central Florida proud to call her our own. That’s leadership worth fighting for, because she’s ready to fight for us. 

Darren Soto falls sadly short of that.

With Darren Soto, we’d have to put on our boxing gloves to just keep him in line on key votes. I’d rather spend my energy fighting Republicans after the 2016 elections, than keeping a “Democrat In Name Only” from afflicting damage on those who fall on the unprofitable side of his moral compass.


The Handmaid’s Tale
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  1. Lifelong Dem and Soto Supporter · ·

    Not sure how you can pass this garbage off as journalism.


    1. Looking for journalism on a blog is like looking for groceries at a gas station. Blogs are where you find opinion writing. If you’re looking for journalism check out the Tampa Bay Times or the Orlando Sentinel.


  2. A rose by any other name, is still a rose! And a Democrat who chums around with all manner of conservative Republicans, is a “Democrat in name only.” Democrats voting in his district should definitely vote for Susannah Randolph in the Democratic primary on March 1st!


  3. Mark Lynn · ·

    Oh, please, what a load of crap!!! First of all, Darren Soto has paid his dues to the Dem party (remember he was willing to mount an impossible campaign in a GOP District to show the party colors vs. Andy Gardner years ago) and now has the legislative experience gained from service in both the FL House and Senate. He is indeed one of our rising stars, and has paid his dues. I’ve been told by people who know her that Randolph is simply an ideologue from the far-left. Basically Grayson with a slightly nicer disposition. The attack on Altmire is a joke. He defeated GOP-wondergirl Melissa Hart and thus helped Nancy Pelosi get elected Speaker. Yes, he is pro-life, but that is in tune with the population in western Pennsylvania. He succeeded where others failed. That is Casey Country. Would you prefer Hart & Santorum to still be in office. Not every sector of the county is Cambridge, Berkeley, or Greenwich Village. If it weren’t for the Blue Dogs like Altmire, Heath Shuler, etc., Pelosi would never have become Speaker & Health Care would never have been passed. And we are doomed to remain in the minority until we are able to win some of those districts back. Same holds true for the FL Legislature, btw. Also, Altmire worked as an aide to the great Congressman Pete Peterson of Marianna, FL, before winning election himself. With such FL ties its not surprising he is now working for FL Blue. Nothing wrong with that, he’s gotta make a living. I’d love to see him make a political comeback in PA. A year from now, I’m confident Congressman-elect Soto will be preparing to go to Washington and this discussion will be moot.


  4. […] A look at the Central Florida Congressional Districts under the new map. CD 7,9 and 10 are examined by Brook. […]


  5. Naoya6161 · ·

    I couldn’t help but notice that you lied about Soto voting for the 24-hour waiting period – he voted against it just this year.
    If you’re going to try and make a case against Soto, then you’re going to have to tell the truth.


    1. You’re misinformed. He voted for HB 1497, the 24-Hour Waiting Period, regardless of age also required parental notification, in the 2007 session. In the same year he also voted for the “Florida Unborn Victims of Violence Act” HB 71, which was an attempt at fetal personhood. In 2008, Soto again voted for HB 513 Unborn Child Personhood Act, which puts the life of a fetus over the life of the mother. 2008 was also the year he voted for HB 257, the MANDATORY ULTRASOUND law, which mandates that all women seeking a D&C, regardless of reason (miscarriage, etc) must undergo an ultrasound, because, you know those guys in Tallahassee must have their way in our doctor’s offices. In 2012 he voted for repeal of the Blaine Amendment which is basically an extension of the Hobby Lobby decision, and allows religious affiliated hospitals not only to withhold lifesaving services “if they offend their religion” but also imposes that taxpayer money can support this nonsense, “to the extent the Constitution allows.” On this most recent go around, with the new waiting period I actually spoke in committee where Soto observed there “might be” judicial review issues attached to more abortion restrictions. He might also have noticed that another anti-woman vote so close to running for Congress wasn’t in his best interest.


      1. Fisher Fleming · ·

        The above poster’s desperate whiff trying to call out this excellent piece regarding Darren Soto’s record on women’s reproductive rights is actually quite illuminating. He’s apparently not just a dangerously conservative Dem, but a sneaky one, who blows with the foulest Republican winds when it suits him, then carefully constructs a more progressive profile when it’s more visible.

        He did go the right way, finally, on the most recent 24-hr waiting period attempted by Republicans, but not before doing just the opposite several times, as the Orlando Weekly has noted,

        “On April 27, 2007 — just after entering office — Soto lodged a yes vote on state Titusville Republican Rep. Ralph Poppell’s Florida Unborn Victims of Violence Act (HB 71). On April 2, 2008, Soto again voted “yes” on the same bill (renamed HB 513). The bill played politics with the term “unborn child,” granting equal status to a post-conception embryo and the woman carrying it. He raised the ante by also voting for a bill by state Rep. Trey Traviesa, R-Tampa, that would require women to view an ultrasound of the fetus prior to receiving an abortion. According to Project Vote Smart, Soto only approves of abortions in the case of a woman’s endangerment, or for victims of incest or rape.” http://www.orlandoweekly.com/orlando/pulling-strings/Content?oid=2256572

        The way he has (presuming the Orlando Weekly got it right) gone about attacking women’s reproductive rights behind the scenes, then loudly supporting them when it will have little or no impact, makes it very difficult to pin down what Mr. Soto’s positions actually are, which I imagine is exactly the point in doing it the way he has.

        I think we all understand that politics requires maneuvering and posturing to one degree or another, but actively pretending to support one position to your constituents, then playing ball with the worst, cruelest efforts of the opposition when it’s convenient doesn’t make a person “moderate” or “pragmatic.” It suggests they are unprincipled and untrustworthy.

        I will be looking for a more reliably progressive candidate on election day.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Naoya6161 · ·

        Quite a bit of a tangent here. I was only talking about the 24-hour waiting waiting period. I didnt deny that he voted for any of the other charges you mention – and in any case, my point still stands. He did vote against the waiting period this year – far more recent than in 2007, when he was serving in a conservative district. To define him in absolutes as having always been for the waiting period is dishonest.


      3. wow. this is the sort of twisted neoliberal pretzel logic that has gotten us to the place where we’ve lost so much ground on issues that matter. How someone voted in 2007 on a core value such as abortion, is relevant 1 year, 2 years 5 and 10 years later. The reason for that is because it’s a core value (by definition they don’t change). There’s a rich history of Darren Soto supporting Right To Lifers — right down to voting for their CHOOSE LIFE license plate (HB239). Just b/c there was one teeny tiny judicial question he brought up prior to running for Congress on an abortion vote, only shows he hasn’t completely lost his mind. Doing the math on his voting history, even including the recent vote and giving him big extra points for that, it’s clear Soto is a bad bet for women.

        There’s no reason for women to dummy-up and pretend Soto is somehow going to be a good choice for us.


      4. Naoya6161 · ·

        And here you are going on a tangent again. If Soto voted against the waiting period in 2015, then that takes precedence over the fact that he voted for it in 2007.
        Besides, it seems that you’re overlooking his other accomplishments for women – for example, passing a bill that bans discrimination against women in the work place (2015), and opposing SB 918 in 2014.
        It’s funny…almost all of your charges against Soto are from 7-8 years ago. Yet it seems that you missed so much of him fighting for women in more recent years.


      5. Naoya6161 · ·

        *Discrimination against pregnant women in the work place.


  6. Naoya6161 · ·

    Was talking to you, not the other person.


  7. Ronald Peters · ·

    What Naoya fails to realize/admit/notice is that Soto only voted against 24-hour waiting period once he saw that a solid, Democratic Congressional seat was open and he needed to shore up his Dem credentials.

    This is what makes him dangerous. I don’t think that anyone who meets him will say he has an agenda, he’s just simply to weak to stand for anything. That will make him easy play for lobbyists on the hill — just like he’s been controlled by lobbyists in Tallahassee.

    Democrats need strength right now. We certainly don’t need an empty suit like Soto.


    1. This is spot-on. Soto does not strike anyone as “having an agenda.” He’s a transactionalist, waiting for the best deal to roll around.


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