TFS Radio 7: Florida Gators, Donald Trump, Selfish Democrats, New Congressional Districts and Mayor Andrew Gillum

cropped-flsqueeze5.pngTFS writers – Katy Burnett, Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer recorded TFS Radio Episode 7 today. The following topics were covered.

  • The Gators lose badly in the SEC title game to Alabama and in Basketball to the highly rated Miami Hurricanes…is the world coming to an end?
  • Donald Trump’s statements and the reaction.
  • Why Kartik believes despite Democrats wanting Trump to be nominated, any further Trump mania is bad for America, and might lead to more American deaths.
  • How will Trump impact the General Election if he is the GOP nominee.
  • A look at the Central Florida Congressional Districts under the new map. CD 7,9 and 10 are examined by Brook.
  • Katy will discuss Mayor Andrew Gillum’s potential Congressional run.
  • Much much more!

You can listen here via Rabble or below:

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  1. Bought some Spumoni ice cream in honor of Bill Phillips last night. Yummy.


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