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Voting Rights and minority access protection in Jacksonville / Duval County

A special treat this week on The Florida History Podcast as Voting Rights Attorney Nick Warren, from the ACLU Florida joins us to take us through the odyssey of voting rights in Jacksonville and Duval County since the 1967 consolidation charter up until today and the court decision regarding City Council and School Board districts.  […]

FiveThirtyEight on the extreme DeSantis gerrymander

This is a good video that makes a lot of the points we’ve made time and again on these pages.

TFS + – How the court ordered Congressional map will change this year’s election (if it stands)

Judge Layne Smith has ordered a new Congressional map for this state. Obviously, it is tentative as the Secretary of State’s office has appealed and given the stacked nature of the court recently, it’s very possible the ruling is overturned (Judge Smith himself was a GOP appointee). We break down the new map at TFS+.

DeSantis loses in court again – court to order a new Congressional Map

While much of the focus on Governor DeSantis brazen and unprecedented foray into Congressional Redistricting had to do with potential violations of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, his plan as we repeatedly discussed on this site ran terribly afoul of the Fair Districts Amendment to the Constitution. Leon County Circuit Court Judge Layne Smith, […]

Should House Democrats who didn’t stand in solidarity with minority Reps on the DeSantis map get a primary challenge?

It’s perhaps not enough to have merely voted no on the arbitrarily-drawn DeSantis Congressional plan. This is of course a plan so outrageous that it scuttles two majority-minority districts, while packing Democrats into several other districts to maximize the Republican advantages all over the state. For several days, the fact multiple (white) Democratic State House […]

Looking ahead to the court battle on DeSantis Congressional Map – North Carolina battles tell us a lot about how this might go

Governor DeSantis arbitrarily-drawn Congressional Map which was rubber-stamped by the legislature has potentially many Voting Rights Act-related problems as articulated earlier this week by Neil Blackmon. But it must be stated, the Governor has some decent defenses under Federal law (though my theory is those are potentially undone by the way CD-14 was drawn, but […]

Lawsuit filed against DeSantis Congressional Map

The League of Women Voters of Florida have joined Black Voters Matter Capacity Building Institute, Equal Ground Education Fund, Florida Rising Together and several individual Florida voters in filing a lawsuit challenging Florida’s new congressional map.  The plaintiffs argue the congressional map, insisted upon by Gov. DeSantis and approved by the state legislature, was not […]

The DeSantis map – The Voting Rights Act, Fair Districts Amendment, African-American representation and the coming legal hurdles

Powerful Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s latest congressional redistricting map has taken center stage in political circles this week as Florida’s legislators gather in Tallahassee for a special session called by the governor to consider whether to adopt the new map. This the latest and most brazen map yet submitted by Governor DeSantis and his team […]

DeSantis map is flowing with hypocrisy and potential legal problems

Following up on my initial post from Wednesday night, the map proposed by Governor DeSantis is flowing with hypocrisy, if compact, race-neutral districts was really his goal. Here are some quick points: We discussed CD-14 last night. It’s a clear attempt to pack Democrats in a single district and dilute the voting strength of two […]

DeSantis lays the hammer down with his map – but look closely at CD-14…it undermines his case.

Two days after the legislature confirmed that Governor DeSantis, can continue to play god, by ceding its authority to draw the state’s Congressional Districts, the Governor produced a map which would push the GOP’s partisan advantage to 20-8 if each seat went according to form. It would also wipe out at least two majority-minority access […]