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The Phlip Side: 2018 FL Dem. Dream Team

It is a fact that you can’t beat somebody with nobody.  In politics, no matter how bad somebody is you are unlikely to beat them unless you have a better option.  Over the past decade Democrats have won a grand total of zero Florida Cabinet races.  The Florida Democratic Party failed to even recruit a […]

Make Congress Bigger and Cheaper

By Robert Buccellato The title may seem like a joke, and I suppose it is a bit pie in the sky to think that the work “cheap” would ever be included with the word “congress.” But, the growing level of partisanship and gridlock could all be resolved if the nation’s congressional districts were smaller in […]

TFS Radio 7: Florida Gators, Donald Trump, Selfish Democrats, New Congressional Districts and Mayor Andrew Gillum

TFS writers – Katy Burnett, Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer recorded TFS Radio Episode 7 today. The following topics were covered. The Gators lose badly in the SEC title game to Alabama and in Basketball to the highly rated Miami Hurricanes…is the world coming to an end? Donald Trump’s statements and the reaction. Why Kartik […]

TFS Radio Number 5 – Special time this week 11:30 AM Tuesday

TFS Radio Number 5 will air at 11:30 AM this morning to avoid a scheduling conflict with tonight’s US Men’s National Team World Cup Qualifier on our host Rabble.TV. The show can be listened to live here.  Katy Burnett, Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer will discuss the Democratic debate on Saturday and Secretary Hillary Clinton’s […]

How the Republicans Can Win the Senate Redistricting Fight

Cheers, political jabs, and more mockery came this week as the legislative Republicans asked the court to draw the Senate maps instead of having a five-day trial next month.  They argued that any map they will submit will automatically be on trial and because there was not clear factors to consider like the Congressional maps […]

As Speaker of the House, “Taliban” Dan Webster would hold America hostage

As the dust settles on a crazy week, it’s looking more like Kevin McCarthy rejected the Republican party’s job as Speaker of the House, rather than being pushed out from the position. There had been rumors late Thursday and Friday, that party scolds would distribute evidence of an old affair McCarthy allegedly covered-up. There were […]

Can Florida Democrats REALLY take advantage of the GOP redistricting debacle?

The Florida Democratic Party sent out a press release this morning following the breakdown of the Legislature’s Special Session. It was sharply worded and would make perfect sense if history wasn’t so contradictory to what was said. Since 1999, the Republicans running the legislature have made a mockery of the process and have governed with […]