On Trump, Democrats need to put country and patriotism not party politics first

TrumpDemocrats are salivating at the opportunity to face Donald Trump next fall. I hear it everyday from Democrats, that they want to face Trump, and how it will be a big boon for Democrats across the country. While this very well might be true, it is not a particularly patriotic position.

The reality of the situation right now is that national security and the geopolitics are being directly impacted by Donald Trump’s continued bombastic rhetoric. To wish that he get a major party nomination and continue to put American lives at risk in the Middle East and Central Asia while he inflames a large segment of the population here at home through hateful rhetoric is quite frankly UNPATRIOTIC.

Trump’s rhetoric is dangerous for this country. For those who care about the welfare of the United States, keeping our population unified, spreading tolerance over hatred here at home, keeping our troops and diplomats safe abroad and maintaining a positive impression abroad, Trump must be defeated and discredited NOW, not in the fall election. But putting the greater good and national interest above personal gain and self interest isn’t always what politicians in either party do, but this is a critical moment.

Unfortunately many active Democrats are creatures of politics, not ideology or concern about the United States. Many aren’t well read or well traveled – they live, breathe and eat politics. To them the other major party nominating someone who can be easily beaten is in the best interests for them as political operatives, staffers and consultants. They are in many cases guided by the desire to win or lose, and potential future employment not by ideological considerations or the damage it would do to the nation.

Donald Trump as a major party nominee in this day and age of social media, instant global coverage and jihadist propaganda is BAD FOR AMERICA EVEN IF IT IS GOOD FOR DEMOCRATS AND POLITICAL OPERATIVES CONNECTED WITH THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND SECRETARY CLINTON.

I would urge all of my fellow Democrats to stop this talk of “I hope Trump is nominated by the GOP.” Put the national interest above your own personal interest  – I know that is difficult for people in politics to do, as more often than not they don’t think about the greater good. But this isn’t a House of Cards episode, this is real life, with real consequences. We as a nation cannot take 11 more months of Trump.


  1. patrianakos · ·

    I’m afraid we’re stuck with “11 more months of Trump”, like it or not. Right now, he’s set to sweep to the nomination on the back of the string of winner-take-all primaries that begins here in Florida on March 15. The only way I see to stop it is to outlaw winner- take-all, but any attempt to do that at this late date would cause Trump to cry “Unfair!” and go third-party. Either way, his supporters aren’t going anywhere.


  2. Excellent post, I agree 100%!


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