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Can Marco Rubio operate independently of corrupted Miami allies?

Marco Rubio is a product of the rough and tumble and often less than ethical world of Miami/Dade County politics. The prodigal son of this world, great pains were taken throughout the last decade to reduce Rubio’s rising star from exposure to the embarrassing transgressions of his closest local political allies. Both David Rivera and […]

Poll: Sanders or Clinton?

Who do you support for the Democratic Presidential nomination? Feel free to leave your comments and reasoning below as well.

Inability to define himself – Jeb Bush was doomed from the start

Former Governor Jeb Bush who was arguably the most ideologically conservative Governor in the state’s post-World War II history ended his Presidential aspirations with a whimper Saturday night, after a sluggish fourth place finish in the South Carolina Primary.  Bush’s campaign in hindsight which started with so much fanfare was doomed from the get-go. Governor […]

NPR: Who Shrunk the Alligators?

NPR had a great piece on the shrink of Alligators in the Florida Everglades. Alligators weigh less than they should and the reproductive cycle has been slowed. The Everglades Restoration efforts are now almost halfway through its 30-year cycle, yet Alligators are suffering which is an indication of the further problems with the Everglades ecosystem. […]

Marco Rubio heading to his other home state – Nevada

Marco Rubio, media darling, great Republican hope, teflon don, constant “winner” without winning a single state and the man the rules never apply to is heading to his other home state for the next GOP contest – Nevada.  Senator Rubio lived in Las Vegas for about six years with his family, so he should have […]

Donald Trump – Trouble for Hillary Clinton in Florida?

Many Democrats are crowing about the possibility of facing off with Donald Trump in a General Election. But if we continue under the premise that Hillary Clinton will be nominated by the Democrats some clear weaknesses that can be exploited by Trump are easily noticeable. None of the below weaknesses other than perhaps number five […]

Marco Rubio – The 21st Century’s Joseph McCarthy

An undistinguished one-term Senator who used fear, demagoguery and implications of treason to create a national profile. Marco Rubio much like Joseph McCarthy, a man whose values Florida’s Junior Senator no doubt seeks to emulate has been able to get away with accusing members of the sitting administration of what amounts to treason. Rubio also […]

The war over Iraq continues – and the GOP (minus Trump) is just wrong

Donald Trump’s debate performance on Saturday night in forcing a renewed discussion on 9/11, its aftermath and the ill-fated Iraq War has unnerved the GOP. Some GOPers have argued that the Iraq War was not all about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) – in that they are correct. WMD’s were simply used to SELL the […]

Report: Norwegian to add Fort Lauderdale to Paris nonstop service

Norwegian Air Shuttle is considering starting Paris (Charles De Gaulle) to Fort Lauderdale nonstop flights according to published reports in the French press.  Paris is the most underserved major European city from Florida with nonstop flights only to Miami (on American, XL Airways and Air France) and no service to secondary points in the state. Air […]

Scheduled Florida-Cuba flights coming soon – but more needed

Today the United States and Cuba will reportedly hammer out a bilateral agreement  to resume commercial flights between the two nations. Reports indicate 110 flights per day will be permitted between the two countries which sounds like an awful lot, but without “open skies” and the desire of almost every major US airline to fly […]