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Audio: Organize Now expanding to Hillsborough County

Organize Now is expanding with a new office opening in Tampa. I spoke with their new Director, Tammy Thomas-Miles and Director of Political Operations, Tim Heberlein about the basics of the Organize Now model of civic engagement, as well as the difference between transformational and transactional change.

August 26th TFS Endorsements

Elections are tomorrow ! A reminder as to whom TFS has endorsed across the state in elections on Tuesday. Governor No Recommendation (Democratic Primary)  State Senate District 12- Geraldine Thompson (Democratic Primary) State House District 8 – Alan Williams (Democratic Primary) District 9 – Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda (Democratic Primary OPEN to all voters)  District 31 – B […]

TFS Endorsements – Alachua and Hillsborough Local Races

Plum Creek has been the pivotal force in Alachua County this election cycle.  As one of the largest land owners in the United States, the company has incredible political power and sway and has set their sights on Alachua County’s Comprehensive  plan.  It has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a campaign in order […]