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TFS Endorsements: Broward county & municipal races/questions

COUNTY COMMISSION DISTRICT 4- KEN KEECHEL Former Commissioner Keechel deserves to be returned to the Commission in place of the ideological Chip LaMarca, the board’s lone Republican. COUNTY QUESTIONS YES on QUESTIONS 1 and 2   Question 1 is a no-brainer as it would reauthorize the Childrens Services Council. Question 2 will prove more difficult […]

TFS Legislative Endorsements

SENATE SD 6 – Kathleen Trued SD 12 – Geraldine Thompson SD 22 – Judithanne McLauchlan SD 32 – Maria Sachs HOUSE HD 6 – Jamie Shepard HD 29 – Mike Clelland HD 30 – Karen Castor Dentel HD 38 – Beverly Ledbetter HD 43 – John Cortes HD 47 – Linda Stewart HD 49 – Joe […]

TFS Amendment and Local Initiative Endorsements

Direct democracy is a wonderful thing;  when citizens are directly able to cause change in the policy process, the full meaning of democracy comes forth.  Citizen initiatives and constitutional amendments are a vital vehicle for people to connect with their government and in the state of Florida, they have been more and more common. With […]

TFS Endorsements: Governor and Cabinet

GOVERNOR:  CHARLIE CRIST While Governor Crist’s record is far from perfect, he is running a strong progressive campaign and is far preferable to Rick Scott. As Governor, Crist’s progressive agenda will achieve general balance and moderation relative to the extreme ideological agenda pushed by the Florida Legislature. This state has not elected a Democrat for […]

Call for Endorsement Recommendations

We at the Squeeze are working on releasing our endorsements for the November election and while there are few competitive federal and state races, politics on the local level matter just as much.  We mention time and time again how we need to build our bench and how we have to recruit talent on the […]

August 26th TFS Endorsements

Elections are tomorrow ! A reminder as to whom TFS has endorsed across the state in elections on Tuesday. Governor No Recommendation (Democratic Primary)  State Senate District 12- Geraldine Thompson (Democratic Primary) State House District 8 – Alan Williams (Democratic Primary) District 9 – Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda (Democratic Primary OPEN to all voters)  District 31 – B […]

TFS Endorsements – Alachua and Hillsborough Local Races

Plum Creek has been the pivotal force in Alachua County this election cycle.  As one of the largest land owners in the United States, the company has incredible political power and sway and has set their sights on Alachua County’s Comprehensive  plan.  It has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a campaign in order […]

TFS Endorsements – Palm Beach and Broward Local Elections

Palm Beach School Board District 3- Karen Brill She has served with distinction and has earned another term. District 4 – Erica Whitfield Whitfield promises to be a strong progressive voice as a parent in PBC Public Schools. Broward County Commission  District 2- Lisa Kohner Aronson  She has spent 30 years as a leader in […]

TFS Endorsements – Leon and Orange Local Races

We have additional endorsements to make today. The following races are all non-partisan universal elections: LEON COUNTY Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum After over ten years on the commission, one of the stars of Florida’s Democratic Party (and a former FDP staffer) will make a great Mayor for the state’s capital. Tallahassee City Commission District 2 […]

TFS Endorsements

In the next several days TFS will release additional endorsements for the August 26th election. We will be endorsing candidates for State Senate, State House, County Commission, School Board and City Commission statewide. We will also be issuing recommendations on ballot initiatives as well. A full list of all of our endorsements can be found […]