August 26th TFS Endorsements

Elections are tomorrow ! A reminder as to whom TFS has endorsed across the state in elections on Tuesday.


No Recommendation (Democratic Primary) 

State Senate

District 12- Geraldine Thompson (Democratic Primary)

State House

District 8 – Alan Williams (Democratic Primary)

District 9 – Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda (Democratic Primary OPEN to all voters) 

District 31 – B Grassell  (Republican Primary OPEN to all voters)

District 43 – Ricardo Rangel (Democratic Primary) 

District 61-    Sean Shaw (Democratic Primary)

District 67 – Stephen Sarnoff (Democratic Primary)  

District 81 – Kevin Rader (Democratic Primary OPEN to all voters)

District 94 – Levoyd Williams (Democratic Primary OPEN to all voters

District 96 – Kristin Jacobs (Democratic Primary)

District 100 – Joe Geller (Democratic Primary)

District 107 – Barbara Watson (Democratic Primary OPEN to all voters)

District 108 – Taj Echoles OR Michael Hepburn (Democratic Primary) 

Local Elections


Tallahassee Mayor

Andrew Gillum

Tallahassee City Commission

District 2 – Curtis Richardson


County Commission

District 2- Harvey Ward

District 4- Ken Cornell

School Board

District 3-  Gunnar Paulson

District 5 – Rob Hyatt


County Commission

District 2- Alvin Moore

District 4- Euri Cerrud

School Board

District 1- Josh Katz

District 3 – Regina Hellinger


Initiative Petition

YES- A proposal to guarantee earned sick time for employees of businesses in Orange County 


County Commission

District 7 – Pat Kemp

School Board

District 2 – Mike Weston

District  6-  April Griffin 


School Board

District 3- Karen Brill
District 4 – Erica Whitfield
County Commission 
District 2- Lisa Kohner Aronson  *
District 6- Beam Furr 
NOTE: We do not know if these election results will be valid due to an administrative snafu on the part of Broward Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes. This race may appear on the November ballot as well, with the August results invalidated.
School Board
District 4- Bob Mayersohn 
District 6- Lori Rich Levinson
District 7- Nora Rupert 


  1. Mark Lynn · ·

    I would encourage a last minute endorsement of Daniella Levine Cava for Miami-Dade County Commissioner, District 8 (South Dade) who is challenging tea-bagger incumbent Lynda Bell who squeaked in by a couple hundred votes over Democrat Gene Flinn, Jr. back in ’10. It was considered a major upset as Flinn was the popular mayor of Palmetto Bay, while Bell had been voted out of office as Homestead mayor after a single term. She turned the November runoff into a partisan affair (non-partisan race) riding a wave of tea party support. Once on the Commission, Bell aligned herself with Natacha Milan Sejas, the acerbic and controversial commissioner later voted out in a recall election. The previous commissioner was the great Katy Sorensen, a champion of the environment for 16 years.


    1. I will readily admit I know less about local politics in Miami-Dade than I do in any other major Florida County. I was comfortable with the landscape in every other major urban county for us to make endorsements with some advise from others (nothing stood out in Duval or Pinellas this time) but just don’t have the feel for Dade that I would like. I LOVED Katy Sorenson though. We should have looked more closely at this one. Feel free to guide us on Dade in the future…Thanks!


  2. Good list. Thank you.


  3. Seems squeamish to make no endorsement in the Democratic primary for governor. Major media throughout the state have done so, after all.


  4. Beach Peanuts a liberal blog endorsed Crist for having the courage to take on Republicans and talked about Nan Rich’s alliance with the Republicans.


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