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Real election reform in Florida requires changes to our primaries – Seven reform ideas

Florida Democrats are correct – the sweeping “reform” suggestions of the GOP to stamp out the imaginary “voter fraud” that allegedly (according to Newsmax and OANN) swept the 2020 elections are completely unnecessary and unwarranted. Though it must be stated the GOP may actually be overreaching and ultimately hurting themselves with these “reforms” should they […]

State Senate & House August Endorsements

STATE SENATE Gary Farmer in SD 34 Farmer, one of the leading progressives in the legislature has been challenged in the primary by former State Representative Jim Waldman, whom Farmer defeated two years ago in a primary. Waldman’s record as House member was questionable. Jason Pizzo in SD 38 Pizzo has a great resume but […]

Healing the Florida Democratic Party: Step 1 – Leave Tallahassee

Florida Democrats are once again going through the motions of electing a new chair and directing a post-election inquest. This go-round feels somewhat different in the sense that the party has seemingly hit rock bottom and those around the establishment of the FDP are listening with more interest to the feedback coming from those of […]

A Progressive’s Guide to the 2015 Legislative Session: Democratic Players

Session overview here Legislative session kicks off tomorrow in Tallahassee and the Democrats have six less members of the House than last session and continue with 14 Senators. The Republicans have basically maxed out on potential seats (TFS estimates 83 as the maximum number of House seats the Republicans can win under this current map […]

Tuesday Poll: Special Elections

Last week qualifying closed for multiple legislative Special Elections. The Democrats have placed only token opposition in some of the races while no opposition in others. It must be openly stated however for those wanting to beat up on the party that all four seats (3 House and 1 Senate) where Special Elections will take […]

Monday Musings: Why Democrats need competitive primaries, UKIP emerging as a force, Jeb Bush and Republican nominating history, How the RPOF spends money differently than the FDP

While we are all are wondering who is going to run for Senate in 2016 and 2018, there is one thing that Democrats need to remember: we need a competitive primary process in order to build up field. While it will no doubt be expensive for each campaign (both in ’16 and ’18), the one […]

Time to discuss some basic candidate recruitment ideas for Democrats

The poor candidate recruitment of the Florida Democratic Party has been a constant talking point on this site since we launched. The discussion around candidate recruitment has only intensified in the few short weeks since the November 4th election disaster for Democrats. FDP Chairwoman Allison Tant has been very forthright in stating that the party […]

The 2014 election, Allison Tant, the Florida Democratic Party: A Crossroads

A while ago, I made a post on exactly how I was going to grade Democrats after the election. I wanted everyone to know how I measured and how I would score. D-  is how the season came out.  They lost more house seats than I gave options for, but they held at 14 in […]

TFS Legislative Endorsements

SENATE SD 6 – Kathleen Trued SD 12 – Geraldine Thompson SD 22 – Judithanne McLauchlan SD 32 – Maria Sachs HOUSE HD 6 – Jamie Shepard HD 29 – Mike Clelland HD 30 – Karen Castor Dentel HD 38 – Beverly Ledbetter HD 43 – John Cortes HD 47 – Linda Stewart HD 49 – Joe […]

Florida Republicans falling flat in 2014

For years it felt like the Democrats were the only ones making tactical mistakes in Florida’s off-year election cycles. In 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2010 Democrats made more errors than Republicans allowing the GOP either to run away with victory after victory (1998, 2002 and 2010) or minimize losses (2010). However, this go-round it is […]