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TFS Endorsement: The Governors Race

The Democratic Primary for Governor has been far from a ho-hum affair. Former Governor Charlie Crist’s decision to become a Democrat in December 2012 set the stage for a complicated race. At that point in time, outgoing Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich had announced her candidacy.   It was widely assumed even more Democrats would […]

TFS Endorsement – Geraldine Thompson for State Senate District 12

Only one State Senate primary merits an endorsement write-up from TFS. That is the Orlando-based 12th District where Former Senator Gary Siplin is seeking a return to his old seat by challenging Senator Geraldine Thompson. Senator Geraldine Thompson was a strong progressive voice as a member of the Florida House of Representatives and that continued […]

TFS State House Primary Endorsements

As we have lamented a few times, there are very few actual competitive races in the legislature and the same is true for the primary season.   Competitive primaries  can help season candidates, can get the electorate fired up, and generally can cause a more substantive debate on issues that impact the state of Florida.  This […]

TFS Endorsement – Ross Hancock for State House District 114

Miami-Dade County’s demographics are shifting rapidly — in favor of the Democrats. Since 2008, the swings have become more pronounced as areas that were long untouchable in legislative elections have very quickly become winnable for Dems. One such district is House 114 where incumbent Erik Fresen, the poster child for the school “choice” movement in […]