Call for Endorsement Recommendations

We at the Squeeze are working on releasing our endorsements for the November election and while there are few competitive federal and state races, politics on the local level matter just as much.  We mention time and time again how we need to build our bench and how we have to recruit talent on the local level.    While would love to be able to look at every local race, there is no possible way that we can before election time.  We need our readers to be our eyes and ears. What are the local races you are watching?   Are there rising stars up for election that we should keep an eye on?   Post in the comments here or email us here at with your suggestions on races we should take a look at and candidates out of the spotlight that deserve some attention.

Look for our endorsements to start coming out next week.   And remember to remind your family and friends to register to vote by October 6th!

One comment

  1. Given there is no Democratic candidate running against David Jolly in CD13, you should consider endorsing the Libertarian challenger, Lucas Overby. His platform has a lot progressives can get behind.


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