The growing alliance between Marco Rubio and the mainstream press

Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Political reporters and inside-the-beltway type pundits do not like Donald Trump. That much has been clear for sometime. But what is becoming apparent as the race for the GOP nomination is essentially reduced to two serious contenders, is that the media has now entered into a tacit alliance with Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio. We can only speculate as to why a candidate who has openly questioned the loyalty to this country of a sitting President , who has taken radicalized stands on foreign policy that are influenced by foreign governments, who has maintained dubious associations through the years  and whose litmus test on Americanism and foreign policy puts him somewhere in the neighborhood of Joe McCarthy’s ideology  has become a favorite of the mainstream press.

The wall-to-wall cable news coverage of the GOP primaries has its own detrimental impact on the electorate, giving political insiders lots of free air time to promote an agenda that serves the purposes of the chattering class.  The great unwashed voter, of which their are many on both sides of ideological spectrum can be easily tainted by such noise and drivel coming from those who are deemed “experts” on this process.

Marco Rubio, whose neo-conservative and war hawk credentials are beyond any dispute has quickly emerged as the great hope of the media in stopping Trump and potentially putting a fresh-faced, yet unprepared man in the White House. Rubio’s rhetoric is a hybrid of Ronald Reagan on economics and Dick Cheney on foreign policy – a combination of a man who ruined our economy and the American dream for so many, and a man who sent off Americans by thousands to die while weakening this nation’s global standing in the process.  Rubio’s ascension to the Presidency would give this country an even less prepared version of George W. Bush – a man leading the free world with little practical real life experience and an incredibly dogmatic ideological streak which could quite frankly blind him from making pragmatic decisions that are in the nation’s best interest.

Yet Rubio’s rhetoric and dangerous ideology is largely ignored in the mainstream press. He is presented as a “respectable” choice for those who care about this country when contrasted with the “dangerous” and “rabble-rousing” Trump. Marco Rubio started working in the political process at age 21 and has been in elected office since he was 28-years-old. Yet somehow Donald Trump who is rough around the edges, but has made a career for himself outside politics is presented as less qualified to understand the American people than Rubio. This is the height of arrogance when it comes to the political punditry and chattering classes.

As Rubio has demonstrated time and again, he is such a robotic, politically-motivated figures that he is incapable of articulating his views on issues beyond certain platitudes that accuse the sitting President of sedition and right-wing talking points. But for the media and those pundits who sit around the table “analyzing” election results and using cable news to promote a personal agenda (which often involves money as so many paid analysts on the cable news networks continue to feed at the trough of either political parties, super PAC’s or media entities), Marco Rubio is the new messiah.

Considering so much of what we discuss regarding Senator Rubio at TFS is never aired on TV news and rarely in other print outlets, it’s important our readers understand the obvious bias in the coverage of Rubio being provided by most media outlets.  Here at TFS we will attempt to continue to cut through the nonsense and discuss Rubio with candor and honesty even if we are the last people doing so. We owe it to this state and to our nation.



  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz · ·

    Is radicalized foreign policy the term du jour used by anti-Semitic leftists who know nothing about everything?


  2. Think Kartik!

    You know the reason why!

    Youngish looking, ethnic, dumb enough to start a war, dense enough to be properly handled.

    He’s the perfect corporate establishment media candidate. Something out of a novel!


  3. Patti Lynn · ·

    Rubio, by far, is the emptiest suit, so far, of the 21st century.


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