Marco Rubio: The true “con-artist” of the GOP race

By Michael Vadon (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Michael Vadon (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Marco Rubio has some of the cutest soundbites. The highly robotic and programmed Junior Senator from Florida is one of the most ideologically rigid and dangerous people to be seriously considered for a major party Presidential nomination since World War II. Yet, Rubio has been able to get rounds of applause from audiences and critical praise from the national media’s punditry corps for his statements calling GOP rival Donald Trump a “con-artist.”

But the reality is that Rubio himself is the biggest con-artist running for President in either major party. Senator Rubio has conned the national media into believing he is a “mainstream” candidate, conned electoral analysts into believing despite being an empty suit with little in the way quick wit or intellectual ability that he is the “strongest potential Republican nominee” and has conned Florida Republicans into believing he is somehow the great conservative hope. He has claimed he has the most foreign policy experience of any candidate and is the most electable – yet has given nothing but platitudes and pre-programmed lines to argue both cases.

The GOP electorate is proving to not be as gullible as many in the national press corps and insider circles are.  Almost a month into the process of voting, Rubio still has not won a single primary of caucus despite being talked about as a likely nominee. But for Republican insiders and some media elites controlling the Republican Party or protecting access to the hierarchy in Washington is more important than winning elections – Rubio remains a vehicle to control the GOP and keep open access for some reporters by playing nice to him, even if he is an ultimate loser.

Rubio and his handlers have been adroit in defining someone who has spent his entire post-University life in around politics as a pure electable alternative to other Republicans. A professional politician with little life experience and scant ability to think critically or independently, Rubio represents a pols pol, a true con-artist developed by the class of DC and Florida political operatives to fool the American electorate.

Thankfully as Rubio continues to stumble through the 2016 Presidential Primary season, the attempts by the political class to deceive Americans and anoint this con-artist are falling flat.



  1. Agree. Patrick Manteiga of La Gaceta,has been writing of MR’s fecklessness for years. Patrick has taken away MR’s terminal vowel.


  2. Lil Marco and his squeeky clean choirboy countenance belies the REAL apparatchik boy wonder whose main attribute is extraordinary ambition to run for offices beyond his qualifications!


  3. Rubio is the best little con artist the world has ever known. Accomplished nothing, doesn’t show up for work. Yet implies he’s the best candidate to be president. Rubio has been conning people since childhood.


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