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Zest of the Day: Marco Rubio: Ted Cruz talk helps GOP, country

From Politico.  Rubio by the way was one of a handful of hard right Senators who joined Cruz on the floor during his talk-fest.

Zest of the Day: House Democrats say finance director fired by Tant may deserve a 2nd chance

From the Tampa Bay Times. My views on this subject are well known but in case it was forgotten. 

Rouson Ousted: Where should House Democrats turn next?

Darryl Rouson was ousted last night as Democratic Leader Designee and now the party caucus is reportedly ready to name a successor before the week is out. My personal preference would be that Rep. Mark Pafford  (D-West Palm Beach), the most progressive voice in the entire legislature to take the reigns of leader. Besides being […]

Rouson Ousted: No Winners

Darryl Rouson (D-St Petersburg) was ousted tonight as House Democratic Leader designee after a series of serious mishaps. Rouson needed to be removed but the issues within the Democratic Party and the way House elections are run remain apparent. Rep. Rouson had great promise and could have represented a positive change away from the established […]

Kurly’s Kommentary: Hateful Speech in the Heartland – Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Israeli Advocacy

    By Steven Kurlander There’s a free speech controversy brewing in the land of Mount Rushmore and George McGovern over the speaking tour of a virulent anti-Israeli advocate who has made a career employing hateful anti-Semitic representations to argue against the American alliance with Israel. The issue revolves around whether an anti-Israeli advocate who […]

Zest of the Day: Another sign of Democratic elites’ love for Charlie Crist

Event headlined by Charlie Crist and Allison Tant and other elected officials per the Sun Sentinel. 

Zest of the Day: North Florida revisited: To target or not to target for Democrats?

Quite frankly a tired debate but perhaps some finality from Dave Trotter at How the World Votes

TFS Podcast: Rouson, Dem House Woes, Social Media and Debt Limit Fight

Kartik Krishnaiyer and Steven Kurlander sit down to discuss Darryl Rouson, should the House Democrats reform how they designate leaders, why are the Democrats performing so badly in legislative races, Kurlander’s article on bigotry, social media and responsibility, the debt fight and will the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot during the debt fight.

Dissident Democrats can do better than Rouson

Incoming House Democratic Leader Darryl Rouson (D-St Petersburg) has made a mess of his few months on the job as the leader designee of the minority party. Elected by a razor-thin two vote margin at a caucus meeting in February, Rouson has proceeded to flush any goodwill he may have inherited down the drain in […]

Zest of the Day: Dexter Douglass, great Floridian passes on

One of he finest men I met and worked with in Tallahassee has passed on. I worked out Douglas’ office during the Pete Peterson Gubernatorial Campaign in 2001 and after Peterson aborted his run, I and several colleagues stayed on in the office for a few months while we tried to sort out what we […]