TFS Podcast: Pafford, Palm Beach Republicans, Allen West, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Iran

We have a full pod this week with Justin Snyder, Ryan Ray and Steven Kurlander all joining us. We devote the first third of the show to discussion of Rep. Mark Pafford’s elevation to House Democratic Leader Designee. We then move on and discuss the demise of the Palm Beach Republican Party, Allen West’s ambitions, the debt limit fight and Iran.

Podcast length is 44 minutes:

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  1. Blue Dog Dem · ·

    What exactly is Pafford going to use for money? Don’t count on that idiot Allison Tant I warned you people about to do anything to help with raising money. She’s way over her head and the house caucus will have to fend for themselves. Rouson was just protecting house Dems from the heavy hand if Tant’s party. He deserved better than this fate.


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