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Thursday Bookshelf: New TFS Bookstore Section IPE and First Two Sumbissions: The Stock Market Is Rigged and Inequality is Result of Under-Regulated Capitalism

As we continue to grow here at The Florida Squeeze, we’ll continually be adding new features to our website. There is no question that the number one issue on the minds of Floridians, Americans and most people across the planet is the economy.  If you’ve been following my work here and in other mediums and/or not […]

Snyder’s Take: The Future Is Now

Don’t get it twisted. The ousting of Minority Leader Daryl Rouson and the subsequent election of Progressive Champion Mark Pafford to the same position is huge news. No. It’s a BFD.  It proves what many of us have already known: the progressive movement in Florida is spreading statewide like a central Florida dry season brush […]

Snyder’s Take: Recovery Is A Tale of Two Cities

First, I want to thank Kartik for inviting me to contribute to The Florida Squeeze. His blog is the best place for news, commentary, and down right substantive discussions about how we can make Florida and the country better as we move into the future. My blog will focus on the economy here in Florida, […]