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Tracking Legislation Not Easy for Average Citizens

It’s no wonder people are disinterested in politics and our population is overrun with so-called “low information voters”. In Florida, at least, it’s damn near impossible for your average citizen to know what’s going on in the state legislature from day to day. I’m an advocate for veterans’ issues, so it’s no surprise that I […]

The Politics of Oranges

This weekend I took a trip to St. Augustine with the USF chapter of the National Political Science Honor Society. This year is the 500th anniversary of Juan Ponce de Leon’s landing in Florida. Our faculty advisor, Distinguished Professor of Political Science and über Florida political analyst Dr. Susan MacManus, chose America’s oldest city as […]

3 Ways The Sequester is Hurting Military Families

             Well, here we are two weeks into the dreaded sequester, 1.2 trillion dollars in discretionary spending cuts with 85 billion set to be slashed just this year. DoD takes the biggest hit at 46 billion in cuts for 2013. While national security is adversely affected due to a reduction in training and military readiness, […]