Will President Don Gaetz Do the Bidding of the Home Rule Hypocrites and Block Local Control?

Earlier this session Senate President Don Gaetz committed that bills would not be brought to the floor if they hadn’t been heard in committees (see video below courtesy of Amy Ritter and Florida Watch Action). At the same time Sen. David Simmons committed not to allow House Majority Leader Steve Precourt’s HB 655 to be merged with his SB 726.  Guess what’s happening now?  These are the types of promise we regularly hear from our legislative leaders only to be broken when convenient particularly during the final weeks of session.

A move is afoot in the legislature to incorporate parts of Leader Precourt’s preemption bill, that blocks local control on living wage, wage theft, and equal benefits ordinances, with Senator Simmons’ SB 726. These bills intend to completely strip local voters and governments of the ability to provide employee benefits like Earned Sick Time, equal rights, wage theft, living wage ordinances outside of what is mandated by state or federal law. Local governments would be blocked from passing ordinances or amendments on the ballot to let local citizens vote on what kind of working condition they want in their own community.
This comes a day after the accountability campaign Home Rule Hypocrites was launched and the day after another power grab, the legislature’s attempts to “reform” FHSAA passed the House on a bi-partisan 89-26 vote.
The campaign labels Florida’s top five Home Rule Hypocrites– Sen. Simmons, Rep Precourt, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs, Disney, and ALEC (surprise, surprise !).
website  www.homerulehypocrites.com
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