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FDP Communications rapid response to Supreme Court decisions impressive

When Allison Tant ran for FDP  Chairwoman earlier this year she promised an increase in quality and scope of communications. After several months nothing had changed and the party was noticeably slow or absent in responses to a number of critical news items. But the last two days, the FDP under new Communications Director Joshua […]

Report: Florida Employers Face Penalty if State Rejects Medicaid Funds

As the House and Speaker Weatherford continue to politicize the Medicaid issue, this report was released today by WUSF indicating the high cost a failure to take federal funds will have to Florida’s business. Once again the rhetoric of House Republicans about expanding opportunities for employers and the climate for business seems contrary to reality.

Will President Don Gaetz Do the Bidding of the Home Rule Hypocrites and Block Local Control?

Earlier this session Senate President Don Gaetz committed that bills would not be brought to the floor if they hadn’t been heard in committees (see video below courtesy of Amy Ritter and Florida Watch Action). At the same time Sen. David Simmons committed not to allow House Majority Leader Steve Precourt’s HB 655 to be […]

Domestic squabbles: Residency prerequisites are outdated & rather stupid

  By Steven Kurlander kurly@stevenkurlander.com Throughout American history, there have been controversies about the fulfillment-and necessity of fundamental constitutional prerequisites that a candidate must meet to run for political office. Perhaps the most famous controversy in our time was whether President Obama actually was born in the US, one of the basic requirements to hold […]

Kurly’s Kommentary: Indecent Abuse of Power: Audits shouldn’t be used for McCarthyistic political retribution

By Steven Kurlander kurly@stevenkurlander.com In his introductory remarks to his book “Liberty and Tyranny,” conservative Mark Levin decries the abuse of power by “Statists” as a true threat to individual liberty, fair governance, and constitutional protections afforded to Americans: “…the Statist has an insatiable appetite for control. His sights are set on his next meal […]

Charlie Crist and Guns: A Sorry History

The past few weeks I have been struck by the number of Democrats in Florida who are pushing publicly for gun control measures while also talking about the prospects of former Governor Charlie Crist representing the Democratic Party as our nominee in the 2014 Gubernatorial election. Crist has indicated on any number of issues that […]

Are Florida’s Business Groups Becoming More Pragmatic?

By Kartik Krishnaiyer Florida’s two leading business groups endorsement of Rick Scott’s Medicaid expansion (which ran into trouble in the Senate this week) signaled to many a pragmatic shift by Associated Industries (AIF) and The Florida Chamber. While on the surface it appears the organizations are growing more practical and realistic in approaching the need […]

Zest of the Day: Zero Job Growth In Florida Among Small Firms

Despite the continued talk of a recovery in Florida and the claims by the GOP Legislative leadership that they are creating small business jobs, growth numbers remain stagnant in Florida according to the Sun Sentinel. This is coupled with the continued failure of Republican legislators to attract large companies that stimulate economic growth to the […]