FDP Communications rapid response to Supreme Court decisions impressive

When Allison Tant ran for FDP  Chairwoman earlier this year she promised an increase in quality and scope of communications. After several months nothing had changed and the party was noticeably slow or absent in responses to a number of critical news items.

But the last two days, the FDP under new Communications Director Joshua Karp, who served in the same position during Lois Frankel’s successful 2012 Congressional campaign has been on the mark. Chairwoman Tant released well crafted and timely statements on both landmark US Supreme Court decisions: first on Tuesday to the disappointing and shocking decision of the court to reverse major provisions of the Voting Rights Act; second on Wednesday to the landmark and positive decision regarding the “Defense of Marriage Act,” the shameful 1996 law signed by a Democratic President Bill Clinton which institutionalized discrimination against gays and lesbians.

In both cases Tant’s statements were strongly worded and held clarify the differences between the parties. At a time when Governor Rick Scott applauded the ruling on the Voting Rights Act ( which is contrary to the reaction of many Congressional Republicans) , the FDP has taken a strong stand on the matter. As I wrote this morning, the court ruling on the VRA could serve to benefit Charlie Crist directly, who as a Republican had as strong a record on Civil Rights as any statewide official in recent memory. It also could be a major touch point for all campaigns across the state should the Republican Legislature follow Scott’s lead and actively work to restrict every Florida citizens right to vote.


  1. Sampson · ·

    They have gotten rid of Eric Jackoff in that role and will do better. Lets watch him go down in flames with the Dolphins. Hopefully Ulvert will be too busy telling Tant how high to jump that he won’t interfere in the press


    1. Eric’s been gone for 2 1/2 years.


  2. The truth is they haven’t done much of anything to improve communications. These last two days were easy. Everyone had a view expressed on both rulings within a half am hour so it was painfully obvious what Tant needed to say in both cases.


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