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April’s GOP Flavor of the Month: Why Marco Rubio and can it last?

Florida’s Junior Senator has shot up the Republican Presidential rankings in recent weeks, becoming without any question a top-tier candidate. Rubio leads some national polling and unlike other candidates in both parties has had an almost flawless campaign launch. How exactly did this happen, and why is Rubio suddenly a real contender for the GOP […]

Snyder’s Take: Recovery Is A Tale of Two Cities

First, I want to thank Kartik for inviting me to contribute to The Florida Squeeze. His blog is the best place for news, commentary, and down right substantive discussions about how we can make Florida and the country better as we move into the future. My blog will focus on the economy here in Florida, […]

Snapshot of Florida Politics in 1979

I am an avid collector or Michael Barone’s Almanac of American Politics series, going back to the 1970s. The fact that Barone has turned his once solid and unrivaled commentary in conservative hack writing in the 2010′s should not detract from his earlier works. Barone still posses an uncanny knowledge today which makes his Almanac […]

Voting Rights Act decision helps messaging for Charlie Crist in potential battle with Rick Scott

Yesterday’s appalling Supreme Court decision regarding the Voting Rights Act of 1965 could become a major campaign issue in a potential battle between Governor Rick Scott, who based on yesterday’s statement plans to emulate the behavior of other southern governors on this issue and Charlie Crist, whose two decade Civil Rights record is nearly flawless. […]

Charlie Crist and Alex Sink have a lot to answer for from previous campaigns

Both former Republican Governor Charlie Crist and 2010 Democratic nominee (and former CFO) Alex Sink are prospective candidates for Governor. Senator Nan Rich has been campaigning extensively for year developing a strong grassroots network of support among progressives. Still Rich polls in the low single-digits and clamoring for Crist or Sink to run continues to […]

Zest of the Day: Have Floridians Become Straight Ticket Voters?

Interesting analysis from Dave Trotter at “How the World Votes.” He hits some important voting trends in the state but also seems to ignore some other mitigating factors. Still a highly recommended read. I have noted more and more straight ticket voting in Florida since let’s say since the 1988 Election where George Bush got […]

Throwback Tuesday: From Florida Memory, Gov. Farris Bryant Testifies in front of US Senate

The Florida Division of Library Services has a wonderful website called Florida Memory where they share photos, videos and audio from some great moments in Florida history. If you are a junkie of this state’s history like myself, you are sure to spend hours on the site as I have done in the past. In […]

TFS House Scorecard sneak peek: Palm Beach, Miami-Dade & Orange Democrats far more loyal than Broward Democrats

We will release our first annual scorecard of all 120 Florida House members on Sunday. The scorecard is based on 17 key votes in the recently completed legislative session (three votes were double weighted to bring the total votes scored to 20) and it yielded some interesting results. Without giving away scores of specific legislators, […]

Video: Senator Simmons Home Rule Hypocrisy

For many years Republicans claimed “government closer to the people is the best government of all.” But today’s power grabbing, self-entitled Florida Republican legislative majority think the best government is the one they control. Watch Senator David Simmons, long considered a reasonable moderate when compared to many of his GOP colleagues discuss the need for […]

Floridians can breathe easy…Session is done

Session has ended and while this was again a disastrous nine weeks for the people of the state, the entitled, and arrogant GOP majority did not get its way on everything pushed by leadership. We will have a full analysis of the session’s winners and losers as well as legislative ratings and scorecards in the […]