Charlie Crist and Alex Sink have a lot to answer for from previous campaigns

Both former Republican Governor Charlie Crist and 2010 Democratic nominee (and former CFO) Alex Sink are prospective candidates for Governor. Senator Nan Rich has been campaigning extensively for year developing a strong grassroots network of support among progressives. Still Rich polls in the low single-digits and clamoring for Crist or Sink to run continues to intensify among party elites. Rich is declared un-electable by elites and too far out of the “mainstream” (whatever that is) by others. Yet it is worth noting that Rich’s numbers are only slightly lower than that of Marco Rubio at this point in the 2009 GOP Senate Primary against sitting Republican Governor Charlie Crist. Anybody recall how that turned out?

Below is a mail piece Charlie Crist ran during the 2006 Gubernatorial campaign. In it Crist clearly identifies himself as not only as s conservative but a hard-line religious conservative.


The mailer speaks for itself. But since we’ve spent lots of time on this website addressing Crist’s deficiences let’s also take a look at those of Alex Sink. Many a Democrat has said to me they are uncomfortable with Crist but if Sink is the only alternative they may opt for Crist because while historical party registration is one factor for many, commitment to progressive causes is another. Crist was active in campaigning for President Obama whereas Alex Sink not only was not a key factor in the 2012 Presidential campaign, but also was  highly disparaging of the President in 2010.

From the New Times comes the following:

In an interview with POLITICO, Sink said the administration mishandled the response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, doesn’t appreciate the political damage done by healthcare reform and argued that her GOP opponent’s strategy of tying her to the president did grave damage to her candidacy in the state’s conservative Panhandle.

Sink’s camp came in to conflict with the White House a number of times. She refused to meet the President at the tarmac when he was flying in for a Miami fundraiser, and rebuffed an offer to have Obama appear at a “Get out the Vote” rally in the final days of the election in South Florida. In another instance operatives in the Sink campaign “laminated and regularly mocked” a memo from a mid-level administration figure that they saw as “illustrative of the Obama team’s cluelessness about the race.”

A couple points here. Sink could have won every single vote cast outside of Leon County in the Second Congressional District and STILL LOST THE ELECTION. She did run well ahead of Obama’s 08′ and 12′ numbers in the region though. Yet Obama carried the state both times and Sink lost. As far as the Western Panhandle she ran worse than Obama did in Escambia, Santa Rosa and Okalossa, so she was less popular there than the President was.

More importantly Sink ran behind Obama in every medium sized county in the state south of Ocala.  That means counties like Sarasota, Polk, Lee, St Lucie and Marion, Sink ran worse than Obama providing Scott with his padding for victory. Yet it is these counties (where at least theoretically Crist would be strong) that Sink nor the FDP never seem to focus on or mention in political strategy.

Sink also seemed to ignore activists AND  the base Democratic counties. Much of this may have come from the fact that the primary field was cleared for her, allowing her a sense of complacency regarding her base vote. But because of this, she spent much of the campaign distancing herself from the party and its values, making it difficult for many Democratic voters to embrace her. Complicating matters was the polarizing US Senate race which likely would have been won by Marco Rubio regardless, but the Democrats made a mess of things with many establishment figures violating their party loyalty oaths by openly backing Charlie Crist instead of the party’s nominee Kendrick Meek. Some of these same officials had backed a quixotic primary by Jeff Greene to Meek perhaps simply to weaken him for Crist’s benefit. All of this led to an election year debacle of epic proportions.

Following the election, Alex Sink to was named by MSNBC as ” the worst candidate of 2010.”

The again the RPOF reminded us last year about Charlie Crist’s past statements and he could prove to be the “worst candidate of 2014”:

So Crist has plenty of explaining to do. Do not doubt that this ad or some variation will run again during the Democratic Primary (if Republicans do truly fear Crist as many claim) or be saved for General if Republicans really want to face Crist as they all seem to claim to me. As for Sink, while IO have a theory that she will be a more seasoned and understanding candidate if she were to run again, many I speak to just think that is simply impossible. I claim that she cannot possibly be any worse, but perhaps the critics are right about her.

Thus, right now you have a progressive candidate in Nan Rich who won’t be forced to answer any of the question outlined here about Crist and Sink. The apprehension about Rich seems to be based on a ideal profile Democratic elites have of a candidate but this is the same profile that have led Democrats to lose 13 of the last 14 races for Governor & Cabinet, the worst such record of any state east of the Mississippi since 2000. Democrats continue to push candidates who don’t represent much different than the Republicans who have misgoverned the state so miserably other than the fact that they have a “D” next to their name.

Isn’t it about time the party tried something different?


  1. Morning Star · ·

    This article is a disgrace. Not the parts about Sink which are well argued but the maniacal biased hatred you continue to show towards Crist.

    You do not know what you are dealing with. We have determined to crush you and pretty soon this annoying, meaningless blog site will be no more. Readers should beware that this site is on its last legs.

    Your slanderous and libelous allegations about Governor Crist and his support particularly in Palm Beach will land you Kartik Krishnaiyer in court and you have no resources to defend yourself.

    Your allegations about us being male chauvinists and this attack against us in the Meek situation implying we are racists have been the final straws.

    You can avoid this by simply deleting this blog, The Florida Squeeze before you are sued.

    We are the Democratic Party and you have no way back after these constant attacks against our leadership aligned with Governor Crist.


      What an ass!


    2. Florida Voter · ·

      Really? Resorting to threats because the truth is being reported here about Crist?

      Why are you people SO desperate for Crist? Why is it that anytime his record is mentioned, his record as a conservative Republican this is the reaction?


    3. Should I view this as a threat and take appropriate action?

      Why cannot we have a civil debate here? This is not the Soviet Union or the People’s Republic of China. This is the United States of America.


    4. Florida Dem · ·

      The disgrace is you. Bullying and trying to gag the media and bloggers is a Republican tactic not a Dem one.


  2. Crist in 14 · ·

    You have zero credibility with the true party which now acknowledges Governor Crist as our leader.

    Join us or this blog will cease to be relevant or perhaps through other means will no longer exist.


    1. Florida Voter · ·

      Our leader is someone who just became a Democrat after years of advocacy of conservative principles? We Democrats are a PROGRESSIVE PARTY. Crist is NOT one of us!


  3. Blue Dog Dem · ·

    Sink is fine despite your dress down here; but everything said here about Crist is on the mark.

    Those backing Crist are morally and ethically corrupt. They are backing him because either they are profiting financially off his campaign or plan to profit financially off him bring governor again.

    Crist is one of the most corrupt and dishonest politicians in the modern history of our great state. The fact that we continue to be so desperate as a party to embrace openly someone of zero morals and somebody who is fortunate to not be on jail says all most need to know about the shortsighted Allison Tant led FDP.

    As for the bullies above ignore them. They have no power as losers as you remind us in 13 of the last 14 elections the only exception being Sink’s 2006 CFO win.


    1. Florida Voter · ·

      Right, I think KK has been too hard on Sink here and also agree on the cronyism thing.

      One thing Crist has proven is that he will break election laws and all standards of ethics to rewards his cronies. These Democrats lining up behind him all believe they will get jobs and have some power thanks to Crist’s perceived loyalty.


  4. GREAT piece.

    If the party would stop the ridiculous theories and actually get behind Nan she would win.


    1. Florida Voter · ·

      Nan Rich won’t win but neither will Crist who will be exposed as a corrupt, lying typical politician who was too busy posturing for his Senate race while job loses and the housing crisis gripped Florida.


  5. floridian · ·

    Why don’t you report that one of the great young leaders of the Florida House, Representative Joe Saunders, introduced Charlie Crist at a meeting of Pasco Dems last week? Crist was given a rousing welcome and I dare you or anyone else to challenge the progressive bona fides of Saunders.


    1. Florida Voter · ·

      Saunders is proving to be a politician who just wants access to power. He backed Rouson a former Republican who did not pay taxes for three years over a progressive in Mia Jones.

      Why should we trust him now? Do you believe Crist is a progressive? How do you explain Crist’s scandals and the horrible economic record he compiled as Governor? How is that going to stand up against Scott’s $100 million that can be spent in negative campaign that defines Crist?

      Alex Sink is our best bet. Nan Rich cannot win either. I get KKs points about Sink but she has learned from her mistakes and is can really win this time.


  6. The Observer · ·

    Sounds like Morning Star is off her Meds.. Charlie is not a bad guy, just another Say anything to get elected politician. Palm Beach County is full of them. (Burt, Robert,Maria, etc). Once again you have a group of people who are attempting to fix another primary. Look back over the past few cycles we all know how that works out. SPOILER- NOT WELL.. Once these guys have pocketed their money for driving these guys around (BURT), it does not matter to them if we have good government, just wait for the next cycle to sell the Condo voters some bull and grab a few more bucks while the rest of us working citizens have to deal with the bad laws the Republicans pass. You would think these clowns are really paid by the Rep. party to constantly screw up the Democratic party.


    1. Florida Voter · ·

      Burt Aaronson is thew single worst long-term Democrat in the state. His backing of Crist in 2010 created a ripple affect that caused all these problems.


      1. Right on!


  7. Once again, the FDP is in the process of shooting itself in the foot! Instead of embracing a good candidate like Nan Rich, who stands for true Democratic values and speaks the truth without pandering to her current audience, our party wants to push a Republican candidate on us that his own party rejected! We do not want our own “CharRomney” who changes positions like he changes his clothes! We do not need to be told what we want to hear, we need a candidate who will stand up for our values in support of the poor, the middle class, women’s rights and voting rights. Where does Charlie stand on all these? Wherever the group he’s in front of wants him to
    Support Nan Rich, she CAN win!


    1. Don’t confuse the FDP with the self-proclaimed power-brokers who are supporting Crist.


  8. Concerned Democrat · ·

    Damn you Kartik!

    How dare you attack the leading progressive Democrat in the state someone who has fought by our side on the causes we care about for years and years.

    How dare you come out here and attack him! You must be working for the Republicans!

    Crist never said the things you accuse him of saying! You doctored his words in that video! What is worse is that phony mail piece you created! that is libel and slander! I for one hope Morning Star sues you and so should Crist.

    Doctoring videos and mail pieces is a federal offense. Lock you up and then we can get rid of the Republican plants like you and also Nan Rich being backed by Rick Scott and embrace the true liberals like Charlie Crist.



  9. I also find it interesting that despite the fact that my narrative here was basically about Alex Sink’s shortcomings the entire discussion is about Crist. That alone says something.


  10. Well this is what dialogue is all about. Your very good points are “triggers” for people who look to find words that open doors for their own BS. They are called “opportunists”, right? They really don’t show or say much, but they are great at projecting ignorance. But party leadership discounting their members, well, that’s another thing. And this party’s leadership is doing a great job of isolating themselves from the mainstream. Nan Rich is only “unelectable” because these lightweights don’t want to work hard to elect someone with very focused and progressive values. It takes alot of work. It’s easy to jump on a popular person’s back, and that’s what they are doing. This is NOT about the “R”s. We don’t need them. We Democrats are so smart we’ve figured out how to screw up own own party without any outside help. It’s not too late to fix it, but it sure takes work. And that, apparently, is not a word with much meaning for democrats. Ouch.


  11. It is also worth noting that as Governor, Crist signed The largest Expansion of the school voucher program.


  12. Crist is dividing Democrats now just as he did in 2010. He could still be governor if he had run for re-election.


  13. “Yet it is worth noting that Rich’s numbers are only slightly lower than that of Marco Rubio at this point in the 2009 GOP Senate Primary against sitting Republican Governor Charlie Crist. Anybody recall how that turned out?” NAN RICH IS NO MARCO RUBIO FOLKS!!!


    1. You bet she isn’t! Which is exactly why we are supporting her:)


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