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Guest Column – Patrick Murphy:  The Democratic Party’s Dream Candidate

By Matthew Isbell  Several major names in the Florida Democratic Party have been mentioned as possible contenders for the Senate seat in 2016.  With Rubio still deciding on his plans, many Democrats are looking to advance onward.  Despite a low bench on the state, Democrats still find themselves with several possible candidates.  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the […]

Desperate RPOF embarrassing itself in new anti-Crist ad

Florida Republicans are running scared.  Four week away from possibly losing a Gubernatorial election in twenty years, the RPOF is “going nuclear” in its attempts to bloody Governor Charlie Crist while erecting a defense around Rick Scott’s own shady behavior. Yesterday, the RPOF released an ad titled “corrupt” in reference to Governor Crist, even though […]

Why Charlie Crist is now favored once again to win; Scott’s campaign unprecedented for negativity in modern Florida history

According to most public polls, the Governor’s race is a dead heat but Governor Charlie Crist clearly has the momentum. The Republican Party of Florida’s  negative campaign which attempted to slander Governor Crist by taking loose associations and smearing his character based on these relationships was initially successful but hit a point of diminishing returns […]

Okay Charlie, Sell Us On Your Veto Power, Get The Base On Board and Don’t Screw This Up

Alright, the primary is finally over. Whether you like it or not, Governor Charlie Crist is now our nominee for the 2014 campaign. The time for infighting, bickering, and complaining is over and we must refocus all of our energy on denying Rick Scott a second term as Governor. Today’s “Unity Rallies” were a good […]

Charlie Crist and “Obamacare”

Draw your own conclusions from this. 2013 Let’s Get to Work Ad: 2009:

The Crist Files: Crist on Energy Production, Green Technology

Governor Rick Scott’s views on Renewable Energy have been clear. Like most conservative modern Republicans the Governor feels that significant efforts to promote green energy and other renewable energy “inhibits business.” In 2011 soon after taking office Governor Scott proposed lowering energy efficiency standards (Miami Hearld, June 23, 2011) Scott’s likely Democratic opponent, former Governor Charlie […]

Charlie Crist and Alex Sink have a lot to answer for from previous campaigns

Both former Republican Governor Charlie Crist and 2010 Democratic nominee (and former CFO) Alex Sink are prospective candidates for Governor. Senator Nan Rich has been campaigning extensively for year developing a strong grassroots network of support among progressives. Still Rich polls in the low single-digits and clamoring for Crist or Sink to run continues to […]

How much time does Bill Nelson have to make a decision? Longer than you may think.

Florida is alive with speculation that 70 year-old  US Senator Bill Nelson will jump into the Governor’s Race thus potentially saving the Democrats from a messy primary process and the possible nomination of former Governor Charlie Crist. Concern grows weekly that Crist’s political baggage  which continues to pile up could be fatal to any hopes […]

Florida Democrats Need To Retire “Swing Voter” Myth: No Diet Republicans Needed in 2014

With buzz around the state focusing on Governor Charlie Crist and his Gubernatorial prospects, we once again hear from different quarters that Crist needs to be nominated because “he can win,” and that the only current announced Democratic candidate Senator Nan Rich is “unelectable.” These theories are based on dated and aged reasoning that have […]

Zest of The Day: TB Times, Another Crist Donor Headed For Slammer

This has not been a good week for Republicans in Florida. Having long fostered a culture of corruption and cronyism, another top Republican is in the headlines.Greg Eagle, father of newly elected Rep. Dane Eagle is headed for prison. The elder Eagle was a close political ally of Governor Charlie Crist and was instrumental in […]