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How to WIN (whip inflation now)? We need immigrants and a reduction in tariffs

FOX News and provocateurs on the right are accusing President Biden of being “soft on the border” and the party led by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are engaging in all sorts of scare tactics related to this issue. However, Biden is in fact not doing enough to open the border and invite workers into the […]

Florida commercial aviation weekly news

American Airlines will discontinue nonstop service from Orlando and Pensacola to New York-LaGuardia effective January 5, and is suspending all Fort Lauderdale to/from Port-Au-Prince nonstops until March, and leaving just a single nonstop flight from Miami during that period. Typically FLL/MIA-PAP sees six or seven daily roundtrip nonstops on American. JetBlue will increase Fort Lauderdale […]

Systemic racism in Highway building: Florida’s Interstates that plowed through African-American communities

Last week, Governor Ron DeSantis in response to the idea of systemic racism in highway building said “a road is a road.” Well, on this week’s Florida History podcast we will demonstrate that is not the case with several examples from the state of Florida where roads were built right through African-American neighborhoods. Brook Hines […]

The Smathers Project: George Smathers on Civil Rights

As part of our continuing look at George Smathers record here is a clip from Florida Memory where Smathers talks about Civil Rights, party caucuses and joining the southern filibuster against Civil Rights legislation.

Explanation to readers for my use of the term socialism to describe Florida Republicans and other notes on Democratic messaging

Yesterday, I penned an article arguing this week’s legislative session was about Republicans pushing their own version of socialism regarding COVID, which in my opinion has been a constant theme of the formerly conservative GOP since Donald Trump’s election in 2016. The use of the term socialism set off a firestorm on my phone, but […]

Special Session: Florida Republicans very own Socialism week

Republicans just love calling President Joe Biden a “socialist.” Democrats who could easily point to President Donald Trump’s own record of “socialist” views and actions in how he turned government into a repository of subsidies for groups and industries that supported him, opt not to do so for whatever reason (perhaps it’s because some young […]

Can we get real about inflation? Democrats need to push back on the narrative

Inflation is spiraling out of control. No question things are dicey and this has impacted the mood of the electorate and the approval ratings of President Joe Biden. But inflation does not happen overnight, it never does. Often it takes years of economic decisions to create an inflationary spiral. Why haven’t Democrats talked about the […]

Aer Lingus launching Orlando-Manchester next month, special CES flights on United and other Florida airline news

A slow week in terms of commercial aviation but a few development of note: Spirit Airlines is experiencing great numbers in Miami, a station they opened just last month and will fly Miami-Hartford/Springfield, Minneapolis/St Paul and Raleigh/Durham this winter. All three routes were flown from Spirit’s primary base in Fort Lauderdale but appear as of […]

Redistricting: So far, not so bad

The 2022 Redistricting process is underway in Florida and while secrecy has dominated the proceedings, causing fear among people like me (I am a believer new district lines should be drawn by staff or commissions or courts – NOT by elected representatives), the early returns are more positive than I thought they’d be. As I’ve […]

How can any Florida elected official oppose the infrastructure program?

Last Friday night, all 16 GOP members of the US House from Florida voted against the bipartisan infrastructure plan championed by President Biden, but not completely dissimilar in its goals to the rhetoric of President Trump during his successful 2016 campaign for the GOP nomination and Presidency. Both US Senators from Florida opposed the legislation […]