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Can working class solidarity be achieved in electoral politics?

This is an interesting study from Jacobin Magazine that’s well-worth a read for all progressives.

Looking back at the life of Congressman Charles Bennett

On this week’s Florida History Podcast,we look back at the life of Congressman Charles Bennett with a special contribution from Florida Squeeze writer and former Bennett staffer, Scott Gaillard. We also discus our upcoming Florida Squeeze series on Senator George Smathers. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts our show), Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Breaker, Overcast, Castro or Pocket […]

It’s time to take a closer look at George Smathers and his legacy in Florida.

The late Senator George Smathers (D-Florida) was a close friend of JFK, LBJ and Richard Nixon. His name is adorned on some of several sites in this state including the University of Florida library system and the most popular beach in Key West. Smathers image has been defined by two things – on the positive […]

Roger Stone’s potential DeSantis’ opposition likely about a lot more than Trump (if it even involves Trump at all).

Roger Stone is threatening to run for Governor as a Libertarian to siphon votes away from Ron DeSantis. Yes- that Roger Stone, who by the way lives in Fort Lauderdale. The assumption has been that Stone is trying to protect Donald Trump from a potential DeSantis candidacy in 2024. Well that could be it, or […]

UF reverses course, but is the damage done?

President Kent Fuchs of the University of Florida, on Friday recommended reversing the university’s “conflict of interest”policy in addition to ordering a reversal on the voting rights case, but is it too little, too late to salvage UF’s reputation which has taken a major hit in the last two weeks? And for what it is […]

Alaska restarting Miami in 2022 and other Florida aviation news

One World member Alaska Airlines which left Miami in 2012 will restart Miami-Seattle/Tacoma nonstops in the 3rd quarter of 2022. Alaska currently flies Fort Lauderdale-SeaTac twice daily. Alaska’s One World partner American Airlines flies MIA-SEA currently and is the only other airline on the route. In other news, AirTransat will make its Miami-Montreal and Fort […]

Have Your Say: What exactly caused the Democrats debacle?

After yet another electoral debacle, the Democrats insular firing squad has turned on one another. Moderate/neoliberals blaming progressives and vise versa. Elites and the chattering class taking to social media in order to demonize anyone who voted Republican as a “racist,” while others blame the White House for a stalled legislative agenda and question Joe […]

The University of Florida should be in DEEP trouble

When it rains it pours. To say the least the situation at the University of Florida is untenable. UF is operating as if it were small religious school with a political bent, aka Liberty University. When an academic institution loses its credibility and plays politics at multiple levels we assume its some small religious school […]

Remembering Congressman and Governor Millard Caldwell

On this week’s Florida History Podcast we discuss the record and legacy of Governor Millard Caldwell who led the state during World War II. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts our show), Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Breaker, Overcast, Castro or Pocket Casts. Overcast, Castro, Spotify, Radio Public and Breaker have App Store apps for free which enable you […]

Florida and the Orbán model – How the Democrats constantly misread DeSantis

Former Weekly Standard publisher and current Bulwark Editor-at-large, Bill Kristol nailed it in this Saturday tweet. The subject at hand is the controversy over free speech and the University of Florida. For those who haven’t paid attention the past few days, the long and short of it is the University under apparent pressure from the […]