How to WIN (whip inflation now)? We need immigrants and a reduction in tariffs

FOX News and provocateurs on the right are accusing President Biden of being “soft on the border” and the party led by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are engaging in all sorts of scare tactics related to this issue. However, Biden is in fact not doing enough to open the border and invite workers into the country – we have a labor shortage which is leading directly to our current supply-chain problems and inflationary spiral.

So we need more immigrants NOW. Fox News and the Team DeSantis is going to kill Biden on it anyway, the race-baiting pols on the “right” (or is it really now the hard left, I’m confused as Glenn Greenwald, Tulsi Gabbard and Matt Taibi echo right-wing talking points on any number of issues most strikingly in recent days on the Rittenhouse trial, and Greenwald seems to be on a vendetta to prove CNN is partisan hackery while FOX is straight news. My view is Greenwald, et al long ago stopped being “left” and started just being anti-Democratic Party and anti-“mainstream” media) so why not just open the spigots and solve our labor shortage in the next 6-9 months? To me it makes no sense to keep the border virtually closed, we need guest workers and we need people to fill jobs the US labor force is unable or unwilling to fill.

Biden also needs to reduce tariffs on foreign good, except those from China. I realize “Buy American” is a big part of Biden’s ideology and his alliance with leaders of the major labor unions puts him in a box on these issues. But these are extenuating times, so just dispense with the tariffs already, especially those on allies like Canada. Fact is at this point Biden looks more like Trump than he does like Obama on issues related to tariffs and trade.

Truthfully, we also need a Fed willing to raise interest rates and also need an additional piece of infrastructure legislation that promotes more rail line shipments than our current quandary of relying on trucks.

Beating inflation or at least curbing it should allow Biden to recover in the next 6-9 months and make November 2022 much more palatable for Democratic candidates than the current landscape appears.

So we need to WIN- Whip Inflation Now.

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