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Videos: Voucher proponents on targeting Democrats and using special needs children as props

Voucher proponents using the dollars from big money corporate backers have cynically manufactured artificial  support for various schemes that are unconstitutional and damage public education. Here once again we have video evidence of the agenda: On squeezing Democratic candidates AMCSC Clip5 from Nozo Media on Vimeo. On using special needs kids: aMCSC Clip 9 from […]

Videos: Voucher proponents continue to manufacture phony support for school “choice”

Later today, it is  strongly rumored voucher proponents will receive bussed school children in Tallahassee  to show support for dangerous school “choice” legislation that is currently sitting in Senate. Once again the supporters of these for-profit schools who seek to damage the public school system in this state are manufacturing support for their cause using […]

Scathing report on school privatization and poor kids released

A report by Dr. Gordon Lafer from the University of Oregon has been released that comes to scathing conclusions about school privatization. More from Ruth Conniff in the Progressive.  

Is Michelle Rhee’s “Students First” preparing for another faux campaign next week?

With the final week of session almost upon us and the fate of the dangerous school “choice” proposals still undecided, Michelle Rhee’s Step up for Students has engaged once again in the voucher battle here in Florida. Last year, Rhee’s organization rated Florida second on its report card of states based on voucher legislation and […]

Video: Step up for Students on school “choice” and courting Democrats

The above video has several tidbits that will interest our readers. The most interesting may come near the 7 minute mark with this quote: “We also discovered that a lot of these schools in these low income areas were affiliated with churches that were run by ministers who were absolutely king-makers in Democratic politics in […]

Vouchers: Is this it?

Republicans in the House are still doggedly pushing forward this year’s educational “choice” initiatives, despite Senate enthusiasm for voucher expansion resembling the fevered excitement of a 12-year-old picking at a limpid beef bolognese. On the eve of the final vote on HB 7167, what remains of Speaker Weatherford’s priority legislation is little more than a […]

House Democrats holding the line on vouchers

For weeks we have been calling  for House Democrats to unite in opposition to the dangerous school “choice”  proposals working their way through the chamber’s committee and towards the House floor. Yesterday, committee Democrats stood strong and firm in the Education Appropriations Subcommittee on a revised bill by Chairman Erik Fresen. This proposal was voted […]

Despite legislative progress public school advocates can never rest easy

The school “choice” movement suffered a significant setback in the Florida Senate yesterday when the companion bill to HB 7099 was withdrawn by its sponsor Senator Bill Galvano (R-Bradenton). We have devoted much of our space in recent weeks to galvanizing progressive opinion against HB 7099. Much like the initial “A+ plan” pushed by Governor […]

House Democrats must hold the line on school “choice” legislation

Last Thursday, the House Finance and Tax Subcommittee voted along party lines to expand the school voucher program in an unprecedented and quite possibly unconstitutional manner. The measure which has been pushed by big-money interests and shady outside groups  is likely to sail through the House though Senate passage is in serious doubt. Before the bill […]

School “choice” proponents continue shady tactics and big spending

As Republican legislators gear up once again to expand school “choice” in the state of the Florida, the Miami Herald’s Kathleen McGrory has exposed the movement once again as far from being organic and grassroots oriented as the proponents of these odious proposals often claim. The Herald had reported late last session that the group “Sunshine Parents” […]