Video: Voucher proponent discusses how Florida is the national model for school “choice”

Florida’s school children have been used as guinea pigs in the continued experimentation for political purposes with our educational structure.

AMCSC- Clip 1 from Nozo Media on Vimeo.


  1. This is an evil, racist cabal of corporatists who are plotting to expropriate every DOLLAR of public education money to their self-aggrandizing, self-enrichment scheme called “school choice” or in plain language, corporate schools. It is a multi-billion dollar boondoggle; and a total myth that this scheme will result in better educated children, it will not, and that has been proven already in testing. Charter and for-profit private schools as well as religious schools test the same or worse than public school students in Florida. There is NO justification for this pernicious, unconstitutional plan to REsegregate public schools in every state, and to make certain shysters extremely wealthy in the process! Then, let the teaching of the fairy tale Creationism, the faux science that the earth was created 5,000 years ago, begin! Floridians need to wake up, pay attention to this scheme, and raise holy hell to stop it!


  2. Dems in 14 · ·

    This is an important issue. I appreciate these videos you are featuring. Unmasks the agenda of these corporate interests that fund the GOP and push the choice in education program.

    It may be of some interest to you that the group Progressive Choice that you have written about previously is also into school choice. You have chosen to ignore since for reasons known to some on the inside but not necessary to list here.


    1. FYI the Progressive Choice effort is on PUBLIC SCHOOL CHOICE. That is 180 degrees from vouchers.

      No correlation whatsoever between the two.


  3. Dead wrong — this program could weaken education at every level. The legislature should defeat this bill and the voters should defeat those who supported it. When you divide education resources between voucher schools, charter schools, virtual schools, homeschooling and public schools you get mediocre schools at all levels. Why not improve public schools


  4. Gene Cauley · ·

    Vote “no” to giving public funds to charter”” “schools.” More and more citizens are learning the truth about this fir- profit scheme.


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