Videos: Voucher proponents on targeting Democrats and using special needs children as props

Voucher proponents using the dollars from big money corporate backers have cynically manufactured artificial  support for various schemes that are unconstitutional and damage public education.

Here once again we have video evidence of the agenda:

On squeezing Democratic candidates

AMCSC Clip5 from Nozo Media on Vimeo.

On using special needs kids:

aMCSC Clip 9 from Nozo Media on Vimeo.


  1. A very slick, well-funded plot by the FL Republicans to privatize our public school system!


  2. The worry here is not the idea of “school choice”. We know that it is bad for education in Florida.

    The thing that I found worrying is how this group is controlling the debate within DEMOCRATIC politics.

    I think that this exposes a huge, huge problem for the progressive movement. There is a lack of intellectual conversation on the progressive side. The conservatives have their think tanks and are able to craft the debate by conducting their own scholarly (or what they claim is scholarly) research. We know that the videos above are full of shit, but when they are presenting concrete debates (with their own facts, mind you), look professional, act professional and so on, their debate is given legitimacy, whether it deserves it or not. As for progressives, we just stand in front of the Capitol building changing “hey hey, ho ho, (insert name here) has got to go”, which produces nothing politically or legislatively.

    The problems is that there isn’t a counter-argument on the progressive side. Yes, some people might say the unions, but that is a flawed approach. Why? First, unions look out for their members first and foremost (which they should), so issues such as pensions are taken up by the unions, while overall school funding might be a secondary issue. Second, not all people who want a strong public education system in Florida are FEA members. This goes for all issues. For example, one does not have to be gay to be a strong supporter of LGBT rights. And third, we must remember that Florida is a right-to-work state and unions are limited in what they can do. Even in non right-to-work states, like Illinois, we see unions exerting less power in the political process.

    I think we really need to start to create a scholarly progressive movement in Florida, because that is where the conservative are winning…big time!


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