President Clinton to keynote Florida Democrats “Leadership Blue” Dinner

A big get for Florida Democrats as the party has secured President Bill Clinton as the keynote speaker at the June 28th Leadership Blue Dinner (formerly Jefferson-Jackson).

This is a big coup for the Florida party which has struggled with fundraising and candidate recruitment in the past year. On another note, I will have a commentary piece in the next few days about why the name change to “Leadership Blue” from Jefferson-Jackson is shortsighted and mildly offensive to those of us who cherish the storied history of the Democratic Party and the United States of America.



  1. Dems in 14 · ·

    This should certainly put all of those bashing the party on notice. We are going to do great things this year!


    1. Considering the party has wasted the first four months of 2014 your optimism is totally


  2. Simply a one-day reprieve for an inept party.

    More symbolism that anything.


  3. Big deal.

    The FDP needs more than one night of glitz to solve all the problems the party has.


  4. I agree with the above comments. The in effectiveness of the FDP is not going change. Sure it is great to have Bill Clinton come for dinner but honestly I’d rather the party work and stop being so amateurish and everything they do Then have Bill Clinton keynote a thousand dinners.


  5. Also did anyone see the unbelievable tweets from Max Steele this weekend? What a joke! That someone so childish could work in the party’s press office!!!!


    1. Yep. It was pretty funny actually 🙂


  6. Elephant in the room. Nan Rich Vs. Charlie Scott.


    1. Beat Rick Scott · ·

      Nan Rich should use the dinner to drop out and endorse Charlie Crist who will bring true progressive leadership to the state.

      Rich continuing to run is only helping the Republicans, the Tea Party and the National GOP. Supporting her means you are inadvertently helping Scott. Heck some may be helping Scott deliberately in our party. I can think of some including some electeds and former electeds but I will keep my views to myself for risk of the dictator Kartik deleting my comment.


      1. Dems in Action · ·

        Charlie Crist as a true progressive????? That is really a big stretch. How about Charlie Crist, the true ultra conservative.


  7. Jessica · ·

    Oh good now the party can spend the next two months preparing for this dinner instead of actually doing the things to engage voters and formulate a positive message and recruit candidates that they don’t seem to have any interest in.


  8. Concerned Democrat · ·

    “you cannot put lipstick on a pig.”

    Great that Clinton is coming but the dinner is a waste of money funding a party that as this site continues to point out has the worst record of any party in the last 15 years. The worst in the country.

    Guess what? This cycle is worse than ever! A party switcher being elevated to the top spot while real committed democrats are thrown off the bus.

    I will not be going to JJ.


    1. It is the worst record east of the Mississippi River in that period, not in the whole country. Still a dubious distinction but not as bad as you thought.


  9. Floridian · ·

    I will go just to hear Clinton but realize my $$$ will be flushed down the toilet on crap TV ads, polls and mail vendors.


  10. Jeff Lewis · ·

    This is the first decent thing the Fla Dems have done in a while.

    Maybe a harbinger of things to come?

    Doubtful. The party is still almost entirely about internal intrigue and running a closed shop.

    That is why we do nothing but lose.


  11. Broward Bob · ·

    Joe Kraps – this is not a page for people like you who want Rick Scott to win.


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