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Darren Soto politicizes Orlando tragedy despite years of NRA support

Our friend Peter Schorsch has an exquisite takedown of Darren Soto’s record on guns in wake of his highly politicized call for a Special Session of the Florida Legislature after the Orlando tragedy. Soto’s record on guns as Schorsch points out is consistent over the years including as recently as last year. Schorsch writes: Rather […]

Trump’s religious bigotry might just extend to Catholics

The media and American left has focused on Donald Trump’s bigotry toward Muslims as a cause to get fired up. However if you parse through his words a strong anti-catholic strain which is consistent with other demagogues of the past in American history is present. Trump has stated we should ban anyone from countries with […]

The Phlip Side: Gun Politics

The massacre in Orlando has filled me with shock and sadness.  I will never understand what would drive a human being to commit mass murder.  I refuse to accept that it is ever okay, or acceptable on any level, to discriminate against people because of who they love.  The thing that makes me saddest of […]

Trump and faux-nationalism: A threat in the very near future including Copa America

While America mourns the tragic aftermath of the Orlando terror attack, I have been focused on covering the events over in Europe where hooliganism has marred the Euro 2016 soccer finals.  Unlike sporting events in the United States, football (soccer) in Europe tends to be defined by politics with team identifications often being dictated by political […]

Orlando terror attack: Time for moderation and listening to prevail

The left and the right in the United States have both once again raced to politicize a tragedy after the terror attack on the LGBT community in Orlando by an alleged backer of Daesh (known as ISIL in the west). On the right, conservatives have run to blame President Obama and his “softness” on terrorism […]

Initial Cuba-Florida flights awarded by US Government (UPDATED)

The US has approved flights from secondary cities in Cuba to six airlines beginning potentially as early as this fall reports Reuters and the AP. The awards included flights from Miami on American as well as from Fort Lauderdale on JetBlue, Southwest and Silver. “For avid travelers – that means 155 weekly trips,” Transportation Secretary […]

Flashback Friday: Made in Miami, Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali passed away last week. Without droning on endlessly as all of us could about him, I wanted to share some links about Ali’s time in Florida. Miami Herald’s Greg Cote on Ali February 1964 – Ali meets in the Beatles on Miami Beach The Fab Four met Muhammad Ali on Miami Beach […]

Darren Soto, oil interests and Duke Energy during rate hike crisis

This past week Senator Darren Soto called on the the National Parks Service to reject oil exploration in Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve, citing the danger it posed to Florida’s environment and likening the threat it poses to the ongoing impact of the disastrous BP oil spill.  On this Soto is spot on – but as […]

EuroCopa Pod: USA 0-2 Colombia

You may have noted that the number of posts on this site have dropped off in recent weeks. Unfortunately for TFS, I’ve been busy with covering the Copa America Centenario tournament  which is taking place across the USA this month and the Euro 2016 tournament in France which begins Friday. World Soccer Talk has a […]

The Phlip Side: Bernie Sanders should be Pres. Clinton’s DNC Chair

There is no question that Bernie Sanders did much better with his campaign than anybody (himself included) thought was possible just a year ago.  Although his campaign will inevitably fall short on Tuesday, when Hillary Clinton will officially become the presumptive Democratic nominee, the success he has had is an opportunity that should not be […]