You Tube Video: Sorry Charlie, Tell me the Truth about Charlie Crist

From Sorry


  1. shewolf884 · ·

    That was then, this is now. He is the best person for Florida after Tricky Ricky.. Voted for him, as a lifelong Dem, and will do so if he runs again. Do not care about any old baggage, never have. I vote for people who represent my views, he does and has even when he was on the other side. He was a RINO then and was not surprised when he changed sides.


  2. Kathryn foster-martin · ·

    He changed sides because he is a career politician. If he does what is popular and truthfully states that he is governed by the will of the people, thats being truthful. If, however, he states that his convictions are blah blah and then states later that his convictions are the polar opposite, heis a lying snake. Same as all other career politicians.


  3. I remember when I lived in Fort Lauderdale, many people from the gay community in Wilton Manors said it was well known Charlie Christ is actually gay and some even told me of his gay sexual encounters, yet he talks about traditional marriage. He’s an uptight Republican whatever his sexuality is. It’s the lack of integrity that is lacking in the current Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Administration and the Florida Legislature. Double and triple dipping in the state retirement system while working, lobbying for pay while holding office, stealing Medicare and Medicaid, is just a clear indication the government of Florida must return to the people, the Democrats, who understand “republican virtue” has always meant putting the public interest above selfish greed. It’s not just Florida. These things are huge problems and we need a more “of the people” legislature, governor, attorney general, and administration of this state.


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