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Localized issues and tribalism adversely impacting Dem Party in Florida

As Dave Trotter indicated earlier in the week and our Twitter Space Monday discussed, We have begun working on a full audit/ report about the failures of the Florida Democrats is underway. One of the huge surprises of this process thus far has been the emphasis of many we speak to, on more localized issues […]

Tuesday Poll: DEC’s

Local DEC’s need to be strengthened. Our article on Monday outlined what can be done to help make DEC’s useful. Who needs to take the lead in fixing local parties? Vote in the poll below and please leave comments and thoughts below in the comments section. Also, if you vote for “Work Together”, suggestions on […]

Florida Democrats at a crossroads: Making DECs really work

After the November elections, there was a lot of blame going around among Democrats throughout the state. Many of the criticism landed at the Florida Democratic Party and while many of the criticisms are valid, there are other elements that need to be discussed before 2016.  Many of the problems exist in the field.   […]

Legislative Races Need to be Given Higher Priority by Elected Officials and Local Parties

Coming off a special session where the Republicans Leadership once again showed arrogance and the contempt for the will of Florida’s citizens, the Democrats would have a unique chance to target vulnerable Republican lawmakers. But unfortunately due to the Florida Democratic Party’s emphasis on the Governor’s race legislative races and particularly House races have taken […]

Rethinking Rural Campaign Strategies for Progressives

I spent Wednesday afternoon driving through rural counties on the way to Tallahassee and I noticed the different types of political advertisements on the way which made me once again begin to ponder rural Florida politics.  There were several colorful anti-Obama signs, lots of local election signs in various colors and forms, and even a […]

Allison Tant’s ‘Five Pillars of Success’ – How is she doing?

Everybody is talking about it; all over the state, headlines over the weekend reported on the end of filing on Friday and nobody has anything good to say about Florida’s Democrats. Is this the worst of the worst for candidate recruitment? Certainly a contender. While recruitment was going to be rough on a year that […]

Miami-Dade’s Hot 7 and the Failures of the Democratic Pipeline

On Monday, to great celebration and a shiny fancy press conference, the Miami-Dade DEC announced they had candidates to run against all of seven Miami-Dade Republican state legislators. There was even an adorable little catchphrase to chant: “No More Free Rides!” pointing out that this was the first time in history that Democrats have ever […]

The Pulp: Other Democrats Can Take Lessons From Orange County Progressives

When I was a freshman at Stetson University, I walked into  pol sci 101, American National Government class, wanting to be a doctor. As I read the syllabus of that class, taught by the indubitable and CNN Hero Dr. Anne Hallum by the way , I came across a quote- a quote that has stuck […]

Wakulla’s DEC has enjoyed remarkable success that some fail to acknowledge

Jon Ausman the most enigmatic and controversial Democratic activist in the state is at it again. This time he is picking on the neighboring Wakulla County Democratic Party. Why? Ausman doesn’t want to contribute to an upcoming event the Wakulla DEC is hosting, lobbying Leon County Democrats to not buy seats. It’s not a neighborly […]