Localized issues and tribalism adversely impacting Dem Party in Florida

As Dave Trotter indicated earlier in the week and our Twitter Space Monday discussed, We have begun working on a full audit/ report about the failures of the Florida Democrats is underway.

One of the huge surprises of this process thus far has been the emphasis of many we speak to, on more localized issues within the party and problems around tribalism.

A major takeaway of the first two weeks we’ve engaged in conversations with stakeholders, is that mismanagement, infighting and lack of smart technology usage within local DEC’s as well as the tribalism of many county officials (be this geographic snobbery or tribalism around a political faction) impair so much of what happens at the local levels. Demographic ignorance as Florida counties change population composition rapidly is another issue we’re finding.

This is not to mention all of the already established problems with how DEC officers and State committee people are selected in addition to the lack of organizing precinct committee people do as well as lack of training programs for or within DEC’s.

This deep-dive was originally to focus on the Florida Democratic Party, outside entities like the Alliance and various C4 groups, but as we’ve dug deeper, we’re realizing local DEC’s are another layer of this report that needs a full discussion, meaning we may miss our December 15 target date for completion, but we want this to be a useful tool, not just another band aid report as we’ve gotten time and again from this party after past failures.

We intend this to not be the usual window dressing and rearranging Titanic deck chairs that has characterized Florida Democrats reaction to failure in the last two decades but a serious, deep-dive that attempts to diagnose the systemic problems with the party and its associated entities at all levels.

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  1. Patrick Joseph Fowler · ·

    The “major parties” provide an infrastructure for partisans to pursue success in the political process. This infrastructure, the structure, rules and operation of it, are crucial to how our politics works. It impacts the level of democracy within the system, the actual values implemented regardless of those expressed, and who benefits as well as who might continue to suffer.
    I commend you for doing a more thorough job than the party has ever done in reviewing its operation.

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