Tuesday Poll: DEC’s

Local DEC’s need to be strengthened. Our article on Monday outlined what can be done to help make DEC’s useful. Who needs to take the lead in fixing local parties? Vote in the poll below and please leave comments and thoughts below in the comments section. Also, if you vote for “Work Together”, suggestions on how to accomplish this can be left in the comments section.


  1. Richard Block · ·

    I am the chair of a DEC in a small red county. We have a total of four members. I have been trying to get other people involved since January 2012 with little success. I work full time and I do not have a lot of time to devote to volunteer. I could use some help from the FDP and I would be happier being a DEC member and not the chair.


  2. Tom Bryson · ·

    Perhaps a small portion of the parties problems rests with the DEC efforts there should be directed at improving communication between the party and the voting base.

    The real problem Democrats have in Florida is that our candidates and office holders at all levels do not have the courage to promote progressive policies and solutions. The is in part because of provincial North Florida conflicting with metropolitan Central and South Florida. The party is divided.

    Everyone likes to complain about low voter turnout in off year election and the voting base in metropolitan areas always seems to get the blame. Did the voters turn out for candidate and President Obama because it was a presidential election, or was it because of his support for progressive policies?

    Metropolitan progressive Democrats are the majority. Turn them on, turn them out and win elections.


  3. It’s difficult to issue mandates to volunteer organizations, you have to inspire them. Until the party starts promoting a positive Democratic agenda, we will not be successful.


    1. I think it’s difficult to have an agenda with 39 legislators, which is part of the problem.


      1. If that were true, all minorities would have died out long ago.


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