NSF: Crist fundraising efforts remain competitive while Rich flounders

Rick Scott, Charlie Crist

Below is News Service of Florida coverage of the April financial reporting numbers released yesterday. Charlie continues to raise the kind of money necessary to propel a proper statewide campaign while Sen. Nan Rich — though she also enjoys the support of the opaque outside group Progressive Choice — would have a hard time pecuniarily in many state Senate races.

Governor Scott, for his part, raised around $1.3 million in April.

Reprinted with permission.


May 13, 2014

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and a closely aligned political committee raised about $2.2 million in cash in April and neared a total of $10 million to help fuel this year’s campaign, according to newly filed finance reports. Crist late Monday reported raising $927,974 for his campaign account in April, and the political committee, dubbed “Charlie Crist for Florida,” raised $1,279,860. That topped the combined $1.3 million in cash raised during the month by Republican Gov. Rick Scott and a Scott-aligned political committee known as “Let’s Get to Work.” The Scott re-election effort still has a major financial edge over Crist, primarily because Let’s Get to Work had raised an overall total of $28 million through April 30. Crist’s campaign had raised a total of nearly $3.3 million, while the Charlie Crist for Florida committee had raised $6.6 million. The Crist campaign also received $158,857 in in-kind contributions in April, with much of the contributions coming from the Florida Democratic Party for expenses such as campaign staff.


May 12, 2014

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich raised $20,748 in cash for her campaign account in April, while also receiving $34,583 in in-kind contributions, newly filed reports show. Rich, a former Senate minority leader from Weston, is far behind Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist in raising money for the gubernatorial race. Rich had raised an overall total of $348,804 in cash through April 30, while spending $244,554, the reports show. She also had received a total of $216,883 in in-kind contributions. Most of the in-kind contributions in April came from the Florida Democratic Party. Rich also heads a political committee called Citizens for a Progressive Florida. It had raised an overall total of $92,815 but did not report receiving any contributions in April.


  1. Fla Dem · ·

    Even more proof a vote for Rich is a vote for Scott.


    1. LMAO A vote for Rich is a vote for Rich.


  2. Dems in 14 · ·

    Nan Rich could be a hero if she dropped out.

    If she stays in she appears to be old bitter and tired.

    Not the way to end a career is it?

    Remember if she stays in she helps Rick Scott.


  3. Susan Smith · ·

    “Old bitter and tired”
    Are you the same person who also refers to Nan as an “old Jewish woman from South Florida?”


    1. Susan, these are the finest representatives that Charlie’s supporters have to offer.


  4. Ryan, I f you really want to be fair, please post the names and amounts of the donors.. Corrupt money in politics should be the number 1 priority of the free uncorrupted press. Which I’m counting on The Florida Squeeze to be.


    1. All a matter of public record: http://election.dos.state.fl.us/campaign-finance/contrib.asp

      Would be fascinating to compare CC vs. Nan contributors, but Progressive Choice is anonymous and completely immune from public scrutiny. I’m sure they’re just your average working-class folks with a shell corporation registered in Delaware though.


      1. At least they are progressive. LOL


  5. Ryan, what’s the difference between 10, 20 and 50 dollar contributions and 100,000,-200.000 and 500,000 dollar contributions? You can be the judge.


    1. Broward Bob · ·

      Numbers don’t lie Josie. Not looking good for your Nan-crush. LMAO indeed. You’re sending voters to Charlie’s side. I bet she appreciates that. Or not.


  6. Yellow Dog Democrat · ·

    Dear Nan Rich,

    It’s Over!

    I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you (and Susan Smith) but you can’t run a statewide race for Governor of Florida when you only have. $100,000 and your opponent has $11 million (note: you can’t)

    At this point you have to wake up and smell the roses because your campaign is only based on insanity!

    So you have to be honest to yourself and your supporters at this point and realize, as much as it’s going to kill you and your supporters in the Progressive and GLBT caucus (Susan Smith) that the Democrats have bigger fish to fry and a big common enemy…Rick Scott!

    And those fair weather Democrats who say they are going to sit home and allow Rick Scott, probably the worst Governor of Florida in modern history to get re elected, will have you and Susan Smith to blame if that happens .

    So Nan, you can be a hero, like Hillary Clinton did when she realized that she couldn’t win and eventually supported her fellow Democrat in Barack Obama, or you and Susan can be the rats that will live in Infamy like the long list of other bitter past Democrats who let their personal petty feelings ahead of the greater good, like Democrats Jim Smith, Rod Smith and others did and allowed Republican Governors to get elected to help ruin our beautiful state.

    It’s up to you.


    1. Oh yea and look how good that turned out??


  7. Yellow Dog, That was after the primary. You and Broward Bob are a disgrace to The Democratic Party. You both use alias’ to attack the finest Democrat Florida has. If Rick Scott wins re-election it will be no ones fault but Charlies.


    1. Broward Bob · ·

      new yawker joe is hurting nan more than he is helping her. someone should tell her that. and with those THREE misspellings above, he must have gone to U of Michigan.


  8. Yellow Dog Democrat · ·

    Joe and Susan,

    And by the way that supposedly “Progressive Committee” that is doing mailers for Nan Rich that you and Susan are so happy about is actually a not-so-secret open joke in Tallahassee of a bunch of Karl Rove and Koch brothers conservative Republicans who are doing nothing other than trying to drive a stake between Democrats as their hope to get knucklehead Rick Scott re-elected because they know that Nan Rich and her pitiful fundraising and small core of crazy left wing ultra liberal Progressive Democrats who have said that they will sit home if Nan looses will insure the current long 20 year line of loosing Democrats will be split enough to ensure another Republican victory.


  9. It’s nice to see that “Fla Dem” or “Florida Democrats” is in favor of articles that make Crist look good. It’s a refreshing change from the threats and intimidation which welcomed the introduction of Crist’s coverage in this blog. It seems like only yesterday we were reading, “Well Kartik and Justin, if you ever want to work in this state again you’ll back off unless of course your man Rick Scott get reelected. You see we reward our friends and punish our enemies and once we regain power the jobs will go to those loyal Democrats who fought side by side with us.” Something else about not caring about job and economic security, blah, blah, blah. You remember those old chestnuts.


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