BREAKING: “Democrat” Ed Jany Drops Out of CD-13 Race

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Democratic Party-backed Ed Jany, candidate for Congress in the 13th district, has withdrawn from the race. The former US Marine was slated to run against recently-elected Republican lobbyist David Jolly.

Many (including myself) had been critical of Jany’s candidacy, and many questions were being asked about Mr Jany’s qualifications. The state party and DCCC alike rushed to defend Jany and label him “their guy,” but had clearly never fully done their homework on the former Republican turned Democrat, who due to election law would have been labeled “No Party Affiliation” on the November ballot.

There were many holes in Mr. Jany’s resume, including his education which a previous Tampa Bay Times piece had a addressed:

Jany boasts a degree from Madison University, a school often described as a diploma mill without a campus or classes, but which Jany insists is a legitimate institution. In his online Linked­In resume, Jany lists a degree from the University of Minnesota, which he attended from 1982 to 1986.

Jany also doesnt reside within FL-13, which he is legally not obligated to, though carpetbagging certainly opens up an obvious line of attack, as we saw in the Special Election campaign.

Hate to say we told you so, but we did. This is just another in a long line of embarrassments for the FDP, DCCC, and the national party as a whole and it may not be the last. For more details on Jany and his withdrawal visit the links above to TBT pieces on him. Also, look for a forthcoming piece on the whole FL-13 debacle from Kartik Krishnaiyer, who has been in touch with many of the local activists in Pinellas County since the “crisis” began two weeks ago.

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  1. Oh great!

    Another candidate recruitment debacle.

    We suck!


    1. What you mean we, kimosabe.


  2. Cheryl · ·

    I look forward to the KK article.

    I know he’s been in touch with the right people locally and should have things well covered.


  3. Fla Dem · ·



  4. Incompetence or corruption or both?


  5. Demodaysi · ·

    RUN, JESSICA, RUN!!!!!!!! She should have been the candidate from the beginning!!


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