DNC Fraud Lawsuit: must-see Jimmy Dore interview of Jared Beck

News has come at us fast and furious since Friday. In addition to Hurricane Harvey and the resignation/shitcanning of Sebastian Gorka from his ill-defined White House advisory position, we also learned that the DNC Fraud Lawsuit was dismissed.

Same as with the motion to dismiss, I have a lot to say about the judge’s order for dismissal. I’ll be posting that soon, but in the meantime I’d like to share this excellent interview that Jared Beck did with Jimmy Dore. It’s the best I’ve seen, so far, in terms of succinctly laying out the basics of the judge’s order, and charting a path ahead—which may include an appeal to the 11th Circuit.

There is a solid reason for the lawyers handling this case to move to appeal because that would establish the definition of their subject matter—whether or not they have standing—once and for all.

We’ll go further in depth on this later, but for now check out Jimmy Dore’s essential interview with Jared Beck.



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  1. DWS has got to go.


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