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Key lawmaker calls on legislative colleagues to openly condemn bigotry

In the wake of the Charlottesville protest and counter-protest that left three people dead and the incredibly insensitive and tone-deaf response from President Trump, Broward County Rep. Rick Stark, the Chairman of the Legislature’s Jewish Caucus has openly urged his colleagues to openly reject bigotry. Letter is below:

Unconquered: John Quincy Adams on the Seminole Wars

I have to admit John Quincy Adams is for me one of the most underappreciated figures in the history of this nation. Like his father he a prickly personality and fierce political independence. Like his mother he had a strong moral code one that guided him particularly after she passed and he was out of […]

The Dunning School: How Ivy League elites made racism mainstream in the 20th Century

Editors note: This is a re-running of a piece on the history of racism in Florida that was published in April, but in the wake of the events in Charlottesville and President Trump’s reaction, it’s important to understand the origins of why Confederate Monuments popped up in the 20th Century.    Previously, we discussed the […]

GOP reliance on white supremacist voters far greater than just Trump especially here in Florida

Large portions of the news media and liberal activists have made the Charlottesville aftermath all about President Trump. In today’s personality-driven political climate, we should not expect any different.  But Donald Trump didn’t invent this problem in the political arena, and it will be around far after he’s gone. What Trump has done is spoken […]

India and Pakistan at 70 – Looking back and looking ahead

Let me take a point of personal privilege today – we’ll be turning The Florida Squeeze into the “Subcontinent Squeeze,” today as we commemorate 70 years since India and Pakistan were given independence from Britain. The Indian subcontinent is the mother of all civilization. The human race descended from South India after migrations from Africa […]

Azul adds more Florida-Brazil service: New flights from Orlando and Fort Lauderdale

Azul, an award-winning Brazilian airline, announced on Friday an expansion to the United States with new flights from Belo Horizonte to Orlando, and from Belem to Fort Lauderdale. The new flights will begin in December 2017. “I am very pleased to announce new international service from Brazil to the US,” said the airline’s Chairman, David […]

Must read: Washington Post on what happens if a Katrina-like storm hits the Tampa Bay area

A must read – The Washington Post has analyzed what happens if the Tampa Bay area, the luckiest part of the southeast which is now going on a 100 years since direct strike from a Hurricane got hit by a storm the size and scope of Katrina (When we refer to Katrina, we refer to […]

Flashback Friday: October 1966 to August 1992 – the complacency that led to the calm before the storm (part one of a month-long series)

Editors Note: This is the first in a series of articles on TFS about Hurricane Andrew. Before, during, after… A sense of complacency. A sense of invincibility. A sense of invulnerability. A sense of arrogance. That was southeast Florida in the 1980’s. The 1980’s were heady times in southeast Florida. Miami benefited from the drug […]

Alex Morgan and Marta on form as Orlando Pride win rare midweek clash with Washington

Orlando hosted Washington in a rare midweek NWSL clash on Tuesday night. The Pride won 3-0 a win that helps Orlando close in on a playoff spot. Early in the 3rd minute, Orlando Pride threatened an attack. Chioma Ubogagu took on a couple of defenders, and dished in a superb pass through Washington Spirit’s backline, […]

Leaked Sy Hersh audio suggests Seth Rich saga points to larger US intelligence bombshell

    When NPR broke the story of Rod Wheeler’s lawsuit against FOX news over coverage of Seth Rich, it seemed as if a consensus would emerge that the reporting was baseless, and that would be the end of that. But some stories just refuse to end convincingly in “nothing to see here.” Wheeler’s lawsuit […]